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Virtual YOGA – online offerings

** I’m offering the videos of my online yoga classes as downloads to Patreon members at the $5/month level … plus at that level you get vinyl,  “Live at the Mission Room” digital download,  and lots of other stuff.  Join here! 

Join musician & yogi Mary Bue from anywhere in the world that has internet for a 75 minute yoga class from the comfort of your own home on Fridays and Sundays! These practices will include a low intensity flowing sequence – beginners ALWAYS welcome – mantras for peace and protection, and a simple guided meditation. Can’t wait to practice with you! 

FRIDAYS 9-10:15am CST

*No class Friday, June 12
*Please note,  new codes + passwords*

10am EST / 7am PST / 10pm Bali 🙂 
Viniyoga Flow,  Meditation & Mantra
Join Zoom Meeting here
Meeting ID: 820 4162 2314
Contact Mary for password

SUNDAYS 12-1:15pm CST 

*No class Sunday, June 14th
*Please note,  new codes + passwords*
Viniyoga Flow,  Meditation & Mantra
Join Zoom Meeting here
Meeting ID: 892 3104 2165
Contact Mary for password

This class is free / by donation. If you would like to donate any amount that feels fun, YAY! Suggested $0-20.

VENMO @marybue /


TUESDAYS 7:30pm Viniyoga Flow with Yess Yoga

TUESDAYS + THURSDAYS 9:30 AM CST BEGINNERS Yoga with BIG RIVER YOGAFor their zoom link and schedule + payment info – great online package available

Virtual Offerings / Workshops

Spend 4 Weeks with Kali & DurgaAre you feeling called to step into your personal power? The world is changing rapidly right before our eyes. If you’re feeling isolated and like there’s nothing you can do in response, know that you are not alone. We are being called to step into and claim our personal power so that we can help to shape the world as it rebuilds.

The goddesses Kali and Durga embody the strength and protection we will need to do this work. Join Tara Sherman and Mary Bue for a new 4-week online series dedicated to these powerful goddess archetypes. Tap into the strength of each goddess and leverage her power in your own life. 

Mantra & Meditation: Kali + Durga Virtual Nada Yoga
Mondays: June 8, 15, 22, 297-9 PM on Zoom

This 4-week online Nada series focuses on the archetypes of Kali & Durga to help us build Shakti (power) for inner strength, protection and dissolution of outworn structures. As we chant powerful Shakti, Vedic, and Devotional Mantras we’ll invoke and align with these fierce and loving goddesses. Kali helps us channel righteous anger and achieve spiritual liberation, fierce love, and ecstasy. Durga builds physical, mental, and emotional strength for personal empowerment.

Learn about the myths and lore of these goddesses who kicked butt on the battlefield. Feel them awaken in you as you “fight the good fight’ against not only the demons out there, but the ones you wrestle with in your mind as well.

Each week we’ll weave mantras, meditation, movement, and Yoga Nidra with teachings about these Hindu goddesses.

To reserve your spot, send $108 to Cindy-Sherman-15 on Venmo or to on PayPal or via Mary’s website here