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Minneapolis Teaching Schedule: 

  • Wednesdays 9:30am Big River Yoga – Align & Flow
  • Thursdays 12pm Yess Yoga – Viniyoga / Slow Flow
  • Saturdays 9:30am Big River Yoga – Align & Flow
  • Saturdays 11am Big River Yoga – Beginners
  • Workshops – see below
  • Retreats to Bali & Grand Marais – go here

Mary Bue is a registered yoga teacher (e-RYT 500), an indie musician, and a teacher in the Viniyoga tradition,  a breath-centered, flowing practice that believes in adapting postures to fit the whole person (not forcing a person to fit into a posture!).  Mary received her certification at Whole Life Yoga in Seattle, WA by Tracy Weber, (student of Gary Kraftsow,  student of T.K.V. Desikachar) and her 300 hour from Yoga Center Retreat (formerly Yoga Center of Minneapolis). 

She has pursued continuing yoga education in prenatal yoga,  yoga for anxiety & depression,  pranayama, and 30 hour certification in Trauma-informed Yoga with Firefly Yoga International. Mary was a teaching assistant for Whole Life Yoga’s ten month long, 200 hour teacher training in 2010 and has also assisted in WLY’s “Yoga for Healthy Backs” Series.  She has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Transpersonal Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Mary has also received volunteer training in sexual assault victim advocacy from PAVSA and domestic violence victim support from DAIP. She founded and ran Imbue Yoga Studio in S. Mpls for nearly 3 years (closed Jan. 2019). 

As a wanderer-luster and experience junkie,  she has worked in many types of jobs: as a clinical research assistant in a prison & hospital,  an AIDS prevention outreach worker on the streets and harm reduction work in needle exchanges, as well as many hundreds of hours as a server,  bartender and barista. 

In her life as a musician Mary has toured in 40+ states,  released 7 albums,  been awarded four artist grants, enjoyed three Artist in Residence awards, and has served on the board and steering committee of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival.   

Mary is an avid runner (10 half marathons and two full marathons),  nature lover and vegan.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking vegan food,  writing blogs, poetry and in journals,  painting cow portraits,  reading non-fiction and traveling. 


Class meets 4 consecutive Thursdays: Oct. 24, 31, Nov. 4, 14 from 7-9pm in Highland Park in Saint Paul. Address given upon registration.

Join Mary Bue and Tara Cindy Sherman in this 4 week immersion into the beauty, power and depth of The Yoga of Sound known as Nada Yoga.

Learn about the different types of mantra, each with their own unique history, application and effects, as well as the “art of listening” which brings harmonic resonance to one’s whole being.

Experience the power of tantric mantras, or bijas to build energy in the subtle body for purification and transformation.

Explore ancient Vedic prayers for peace while building a palpable force field around the soul and sending vibrations of healing out to all of creation.

Dive deep into the bliss of the devotional mantras of kirtan, a call and response form of chanting that is said to cut through separation consciousness and open the spiritual heart transporting us to higher states of awareness.

Rest and meditate in mantra shakti which is said to be the most potent form of shakti, as one can generate every other type of shakti through mantra shakti.

Tap into the vibratory pulse of creation. Discover the power and bliss of chanting. Come feel, hear and see for yourself how these practices can open the door of your heart, soothe the soul, empower the mind and balance the body.

Each week will focus on a particular type of mantra, yet includes all 3 types of mantra and the art of listening, Dharma talk and Discussion as well as Meditation/Yoga Nidra and Sound Baths to close each session.

Exchange is $125 before Oct 3rd,  $140 after, No Drop Ins as space is limited

To register send $125 or $140 after Oct. 3rd via PayPal to Tara at or purchase on our secure site at the link here.


TBA – Yess Yoga 23 E 26th Street Minneapolis

A favorite teacher often would say during her teachings to tune into the “body of the day.”  Depending on all the days before,  the person we wake up to face is often times different from one morning to the next.  Perhaps our muscles are recovering from a rockin’ asana practice from the day before or experiencing / healing from injury.  Perhaps we stayed up too late,  or ate too much birthday cake,  or are feeling the blows of a break up,  job transition,  loss of some sort.  Or maybe we wake up feeling energized,  vibrant,  ready to go.  With so much change from day to day,  how can we cultivate a daily yoga practice to tend to our needs in the moment?

Yoga Sutra 1:14 says,  “Perfection in practice comes when one continues to practice with sincerity and respect for a long period of time without any interruption.”  While striving for perfection isn’t entirely what yoga sage Patanjali means here,  one could take this teaching to mean that we can perfect our practice routines … and by practicing with these three key things in mind,  our growth evolution on this earth moves towards our ideal self and higher selves.  Can we choose and allow time for daily practice,  over a long period of our time,  without interruption?  This is ultimate self care.

In this workshop we will explore different ways to tune into our “body of the day’s” needs using asana (postures),  pranayam (conscious breathwork),  meditation, mantra,  self reflection via journaling, and ritual.  These tools can help craft a sustainable practice as well as bring inspiration to a daily practice that might need a little tweaking.  Leave with an action plan for your daily routine and deep support to continue your journey. RESERVE YOUR SPOT