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Taos Compassionate Goddesses

Grow, Nurture & Love Into the Fullness of Your Being with the Compassionate Goddesses

Join Mary Bue and Tara Sherman as they lead you on a journey designed to nurture your soul, bless your body and honor the land in sacred community. Immerse yourself in the healing balm of the compassionate goddesses Kuan Yin, Mother Mary & Green Tara. Explore practices that both enhance spiritual growth and help release confusion, suffering and fear. Unconditional love, protection and liberation are just some of the qualities that these goddesses extend to us here on earth. Sadhana or spiritual practice is a powerful tool for working with our emotional and mental states to access and activate these qualities especially needed during uncertain times.  

Our days will include a balanced blend of self love sadhana on the compassionate goddesses with exploration and adventure into the magic and beauty of Taos along with free time woven in. Practices include ritual, chanting, meditation, gentle yoga, shakti flow, yoga nidra and sonic blessings. 

The great Universal Mother, the bond between mother and child or the maternal figures in our lives bring a sense of comfort, nurturance and connectedness.  What the world needs now is love, sweet love and there’s no better place to find it than with the compassionate goddesses.

The Universal Mother is limitless in her expression and reveals herself to us in whatever form most needed during the various phases of our spiritual journey. There are compassionate goddesses in many traditions. The focus in our retreat is on the goddesses Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Green Tara which are different rays of the same light.

Kuan Yin is an enlightened spiritual guardian who is believed to be the source of all compassionate gods and goddesses. She offers unlimited protection and assistance to all beings. In one of her depictions she holds a vase that contains pure water or healing nectar which holds clues to her essence that we can draw upon for abundance, healing, purification and more.

Mother Mary is beloved the world over and pulls her children near with a love that expands beyond the scope of time and religion. She is sometimes known as the Queen of Angels and as such can access angelic forces to provide assistance to those in need. She helps lift us up in times of struggle and offers protection, compassion and unconditional love as she lights our path with her grace.

Tara means “star” in Sanskrit and is believed to possess the ability to guide followers, like a star, over stormy seas.  Green Tara is said to be the first emanation of the 21 Taras with their varying colors and qualities that manifest in both peaceful and wrathful forms. Tara is known as the wise Mother of All Buddhas and is said to be immediate and swift as she comes to our aid with her boundless compassion. She works both night and day to relieve suffering on Earth.

Taos, New Mexico is the southwest dreamscape that we always fantasize of and may forever long for. These are the landscapes of rich red dirt in Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, the Long Quiet Highway of Natalie Goldberg’s books, and that which inspires hundreds of artists, creators, mystics, and nature lovers every year.

Taos is an artistic goldmine within a small and evolving population of 6,000. Home of Unesco World Heritage Site Taos Pueblo – a living Native American community that has been inhabited for over 1,000 years – this landscape is rich with tradition, sacred mystery, reverence, and (maybe quite literally) humming with creativity.

Explore how a sacred landscape can inspire lasting, incredibly unique, and awe-inspiring beauty. Explore how a landscape within can reveal the same. In this retreat, we will venture to internal depths and gaze into literal external depths (deep into the Rio Grande river gorge!). We’ll learn about how sustainable, creative, and adaptable humans can be. We’ll bask in our own deep pools of unending bliss while soaking in fabulous mineral hot springs for a luxurious day trip.

This retreat will be a fairly active one, with day trips and a fair amount of walking. Please remember that this is YOUR time to carve out how you wish and everything is optional.

We will visit living structures and communities both ancient and new whose dreams are ALIVE. We’ll luxuriate in mineral springs under the full Sagittarius moon. We will hike along the Rio Grande River Gorge, the silent mesa home to blooming cacti, jackrabbits, coyote, and big horned sheep with the winding river echoing below.  We’ll weave in yoga practices & mindful movement to unwind tension and prepare the body-mind to settle into lush inner landscapes drenched in compassion & loving-kindness.

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs

Prepare to surrender to some heavy duty bliss time as we find our own way throughout this gorgeous spa. Bring a book, a journal, your suit, towel, and flip flops and settle in for this luxurious day. Multiple outdoor and indoor mineral springs to choose from, including a mud bath. Schedule a massage if you like and enjoy lunch on your own schedule. 

Ojo Caliente’s tradition runs as deep as our mineral springs. We became the country’s first health spa when we opened the doors of our bathhouse in 1868, and since then, people have traveled from near and far to absorb the mental and physical health benefits of soaking in pools rich in healing minerals, built out of the landscape. Each of our pools is naturally sulfur-free and rich in four elements: iron, arsenic, soda, and lithia.

Learn more here

Rio Grande Gorge Ceremony Walk 

An epic,  mindful,  walk safely along the rim of the Rio Grande River Gorge to a peace spiral.  Silence optional but encouraged.  A deep and self reflective journey peering into into the depths of Mother Earth.

Georgia O’Keeffe Ghost Ranch 

Visit the powerful landscapes and wide open sky full of stars under which Georgia O’Keeffe drew much inspiration for her paintings and dreamtime as she slept on the roof.  Witness the sacred geometry in the stone striations – yonis and phalluses galore. 

Ghost Ranch gave her the freedom to paint what she saw and felt. Knowledgeable visitors can look around and identify many of the scenes she painted. Red and gray hills like those across from the roadside park south of the ranch headquarters were frequent subjects. Kitchen Mesa at the upper end of the valley is an example of the red and yellow cliffs she painted many times. Pedernal, the flat-topped mountain to the south, was probably her favorite subject. “It’s my private mountain,” she said. “God told me if I painted it often enough I could have it.” –

Santuario de Chimayo  

El Santuario de Chimayo, a small shrine located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Chimayo, New Mexico, has been a place of worship since before its construction in 1813. For generations, American Indians, Hispanics, and other people of faith have traveled to the site of El Santuario to ask for healing for themselves and others, and to offer prayers of petition and of thanksgiving for favors received. Following a long tradition of miraculous shrines, El Santuario is now one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage centers in the United States and one of the most beautiful examples of Spanish Colonial architecture in New Mexico. Today El Santuario de Chimayo, also known as Lourdes of America, attracts over 300,000 pilgrims from all over the Southwest and elsewhere each year. Thousands of pilgrims walk to El Santuario from Santa Fe and other starting points during Holy Week. – NPS.Gov

Sante Fe Salt Cave & Plaza

Shopping / relaxing / lunch in The Plaza & optional visit to Georgia O’Keeffe Museum (on your own) followed by Santa Fe Salt Cave: Time spent in the exquisite Santa Fe salt cave is an unforgettable experience, promoting both deep relaxation and natural healing. Lie back in a zero-gravity chair, in a room lined with Himalayan pink salt crystals, surrounded by gentle soothing music, and leave the cares of the world behind.

Lunch at Rancho De Chimayo*

New Mexico cuisine, permeated by the two official state vegetables of pinto beans and chile, is a tradition of regional cultivation, seed varieties and recipes passed down for generations.  The fertile village of Chimayo, nestled in the Sangre de Cristo foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is known not only for it’s miraculous Santuario but also for it’s unique sought after varietal of red chile … Florence and Arturo Jaramillo cultivated the menu for Rancho de Chimayó based on personal, local and ancestral family influences.  

You are part of our family when you’re here.

**Please not that this lunch and one other meal during our excursions is not included in your retreat fee**

Lunch at Rancho de Chimayo*

New Mexico cuisine, permeated by the two official state vegetables of pinto beans and chile, is a tradition of regional cultivation, seed varieties and recipes passed down for generations.  The fertile village of Chimayo, nestled in the Sangre de Cristo foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is known not only for it’s miraculous Santuario but also for it’s unique sought after varietal of red chile.  

Florence and Arturo Jaramillo cultivated the menu for Rancho de Chimayó based on personal, local and ancestral family influences.  Over the past 50 years, the restaurante became famous for it’s signature dishes of spicy guacamole, hand rolled tamales, blue corn enchiladas, carne adovada and chile rellenos.  A refreshing prickly pear margarita made with our signature tequila or glass of fine wine from our full bar will compliment your meal but please leave room for a fluffy sopapilla dipped in fresh local honey or one of our seasonal desserts as a finale to your visit.  

You are part of our family when you’re here.

*Please note that this lunch and one other meal are not included in your retreat fee*


Blue Sky Retreat Center at the Historic San Geronimo Lodge is a historic property that was built in 1925. “… a signature New Mexico style adobe construction with a chili pepper-shaped swimming pool, a hot tub, a meditation path, a garden and a labyrinth. It has been a farm house, a sanatorium, a boarding school and now a bed & breakfast and a retreat center. The San Geronimo Lodge was built in the style of a Grand Lodge, with vast common rooms high ceiling with traditional vigas, rambling verandas and winding portals-all situated on the 3.5 acres of natural serenity. Fruit tree abound the banks of the Acequia Madre which rambles through the grounds and many miles of the Carson National Forest are just a short walk away. Built in native adobe, the San Geronimo Lodge truly offers the best of both worlds – historic ambiance and charm with all the comfort and convenience of modern day accommodations.” Choose from private rooms, doubles, or triples. Please note this is a quirky,  rustic lodge with some imperfections, and also very charming!  


  • Five nights at Blue Sky Retreat (single, double, triple guest rooms available)
  • All meals except during excursions (dinner at Ojo Caliente,  Lunch at Rancho de Chimayo) – Vegetarian home-cooked goodness
  • Coffee / Tea / fresh juices during breakfast
  • Daily gentle yoga practice (Slow flow, Yoga Nidra)
  • Sadhana on the Compassionate Goddesses
  • Creative writing practice
  • All excursions
  • Transportation during retreat for our field trips*** Due to Covid-19,  you may like to drive yourself on our excursions.  We will most definitely check in with you for your preferences and coordinate to keep us safe and comfortable!


  • Flights / transportation to New Mexico
  • Transportation from airport to and from Taos
  • Car Rental or Shuttle Fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical care
  • Gratuity
  • Meals during our excursions (one lunch and one dinner)
  • Spa treatments at Ojo Caliente (massage, etc)
  • Fancy coffees / alcohol not included (BYOB)


Taos is 2.5 hours from Albuquerque and 1.5 hours from Santa Fe. There is also the San Luis Valley Regional Airport in Alamosa, CO (1.5 hours). Gratitude to Blue Sky Retreat for these travel tips:


Blue Sky Retreat Center is located at 1101 Witt Road, two miles from Taos Plaza, off of Highway 64 (aka Kit Carson Highway). The road to take is Witt Road, which intersects with both Highway 64 and Paseo del Canon East (585). DO NOT TAKE SAN GERONIMO ROAD as it is 4 wheel drive only and not paved and not in good repair. If your GPS takes you down San Geronimo Road, please go on Witt Road instead.


From ABQ (Albuquerque Sunport) airport by car take I-25N to I-84N to I-68N to Taos. Once in Taos, it is a very short drive to 1101 Witt Road.


There is also a shuttle organized by Taos Ski Valley that will bring you right to the door of Blue Sky Retreat Center, which must be arranged at least 24 hours prior to your arrival at ABQ or SAF (Santa Fe) airports. They can be reached here: or call 800-776-1111.

There are also other shuttles – a quick google search should find them!


My first introduction to the yogic path was in 1970 when at the age of 13 I read Siddartha by Hermann Hesse. The wisdom in that book made such an impression on me that I taught myself to meditate by gazing into the flame of a candle, many years later I learned that this technique is called trataka and is a valid tantric technique for meditation. Though I didn’t continue to practice for very long, being exposed to Eastern teachings at such a young age made a lasting impression on me. The inner knowing that there is more to life than the “seen” world is what drew me to, and keeps me on a yogic path, and is what I strive to bring to all of my classes.

In 1987 I returned to a regular practice of meditation and soon discovered the joy of hatha yoga. In 1993 I received my first 200 Yoga Teacher Certification at Expanding Light in Grass Valley, CA and have been teaching yoga ever since. That same year I was initiated into the tantric form of meditation known as Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Since that time here are some of the certifications and trainings that I have taken: DansKinetics from Kirpalu Center in 1999, Atma Yoga from Christopher Baxter in 2001, Ashtanga with Doug Swenson in 2002, Yoga of the Heart Cardiac & Cancer with Nischala Devi in 2004, JAI Prenatal with Jennifer Gray in 2006, Yin yoga with Paulie Zink in 2007, Yogic Mystery School and trip to India with Russill Paul studying Nada yoga in 2008, Vini Yoga with Gary Kraftsow in 2012, and goddess philosophy and meditation with Sally Kempton at Mt. Madonna in 2014.

Over the years I’ve brought together all of my favorite teachings and experiences into what I’ve named Radiant Shakti Flow which incorporates the Hindu Goddesses, ritual, chanting, drumming yogic warms, creative movement and yoga nidra for a full experience of the sacred.

I had the great pleasure to drum for Shakti Chant Band who preformed kirtans around town for 8 years, and now play in Shakti Bhava with my dear friend Coco.

Teaching yoga has brought great blessings to my life. I taught workshops, immersions, and drop-in classes at Yoga Center of Minneapolis (YCM) from 2000-2018. I was also involved with YCM’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and taught in the Advanced 500-hour training there. Currently, I teach at Minneapolis Yoga Training and Wellness. I feel it both an honor and blessing to help train teachers in this ancient art and science so that the full wisdom of yoga is passed on.



I am a lifelong musician, traveler, poet, journal writer, vegan, Nada Yogi, adventure seeker, retreat guide,  solitude craver, and yoga instructor of 11+ years. I’m based out of Minneapolis, roaming this beautiful world as much as possible. I am grateful to be named “Best Songwriter” of 2020 by City Pages and have been writing music and performing since 1998,  with 8 albums out now! I believe deeply in the richness of a creative life that is ever unfolding. One doesn’t have to play an instrument, write a novel, paint like Frida, or write like Mary Oliver to live a creative life. Every moment that unfolds offers opportunities to make something beautiful. While this may seem like a lot of pressure, rest in knowing that potential is ever unfolding, even in the silent and restorative times (like sleeping!). I look forward to sharing this beautiful & inspiring place with you in 2022. Please let me know if you have ANY questions. I am pretty much an open book (most of which can be discovered in this website or listening to my music!). Contact me via the contact link here or at marybue @


$1,399 Single room earlybird (due in full by 1/31/22) // $1,499

$1,249 Shared double room (two twin beds) earlybird (due in full by 1/31/22) // $1349

$1,099 Shared triple room (three twin beds) earlybird (due in full by 1/31/22) // $1,199

$300 Deposit (non-refundable*)

Please note that preferred payment options are check,  Apple Pay, or Zelle. A small fee will be added for PayPal or Venmo due to their admin charges.

Full payment is due by June 15th, 2022


Email Mary at marybue (no spaces) to claim your spot and include the following:

  • Name
  • Preferred room (single, double, triple)
  • Name of preferred roommate(s) if you have one in mind
  • Agreement to pay deposit or in full within 24 hours of email confirmation


As the retreat approaches,  you will receive emails over the coming months with more information about our time together,  getting there,  what to pack, etc.  You’ll also receive a waiver of liability to sign,  knowing that you choosing to participate in this experience at your own risk.


Full refund (minus deposit) before March 31st 2022

50% refund (minus deposit) between April 1st to June 15th 2022*

No refunds after June 15th 2022

*In the case of a 4th wave of the pandemic, catastrophic world events, or domestic / foreign travel prohibited in August 2022,  your deposit / payments will be refunded less a small administration fee OR, if you choose,  pushed forward to a determined rescheduled date.

** Foreign & Domestic travel may require vaccinations for COVID-19.  Please take into consideration before registering for this retreat that there will be no refunds for anyone who doesn’t get the potentially required vaccination for foreign or domestic air travel.

*** In case of extreme personal circumstances,  we will consider full refunds less small administration fee on a case by case basis if your spot can be filled.

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