Settling into the new norm: travel stories, recording update, Homegrown Fest Recap, and Upcoming Creativity + Yoga Retreat in Bali

Hello friends! This is gonna be a kind of long blog – a synthesis / digest of the last few email newsletters (please sign up for the newsletter here if you’d like an email from me once a month or so)! Feel free to skim to what interests you!!!

I spent the month of March 2019 traveling in Bali, Indonesia and a few cities in India.  I’d been home just a weeks when I wrote this … and honestly felt a bit in a cloud.  So much to process.  This was not a “vacation” per se,  but kind of an adventure travel,  cultural experience,  spiritual pilgrimage, and most definitely an escape from winter.  

Road trippin’: Mini-Travelogue + Touring Tips (part 2)

Sheboygan, Madison,  Chicago,  Grand Haven … ahhhh the exotic destinations of the upper midwest … These are the cities and towns that made up half of my last tour,  which I titled “The Partial Great Lakes Tour” (didn’t see Lake Erie on this one!)  In this blog we’ll continue on our way with attempt #2 at a travel blog and head to Detroit,  Calumet, Marquette and back to Duluth, Minnesota just in time for the snow …

Stories from the road: a mini-travelogue from the Partial Great Lakes Tour Part 1.


Me & Humanoid on our last tour in the Toyota Matrix, with Petey & Grey, my car mascots.

Last week I was invited to speak on the topic of “DIY Touring” at a panel discussion with the MN Music Coalition / Caravan Du Nord at the College of St. Scholastica.  I sat with Ellen Stanley,  executive director of the MMC and touring musician w/ her band Mother Banjo and the one-man-band phenom that is Crankshaft.  Prior to that, national act Sleep Study talked with 89.3 Current’s morning show host Jill Riley about their journey to get to where they are.  One of the main themes that kept coming up in both panels was RELATIONSHIPS.  Not in a smarmy,  schmooz-y way — but to say that in the music business,  it’s not just the old adage (which has always felt a little crappy to me) of “who you know” —  but more about authenticity,  gratitude,  and friendship.