Mary Bue Music Where the Monarchs Circled

Where the Monarchs Circled

Title : Where the Monarchs Circled
Release Date : November 1, 2000

all songs written and performed by Mary Bue
all fiddle improvised by Sara Softich
produced, recorded and mastered by Michael Hladilek at Inner Ear Productions in Phillips, WI in august and september of 2000. graphic design by Nathan Bahls.

and i walk down and up and down these hills and i thank the sky for a life intact. trying to make sense of my footing, trying always not to trip. slipping through like thread through the needle, seam to seam and blue to blue

thank you for listening
love mary, november 2000, duluth, mn
released 01 November 2000

all songs written by mary bue
piano + vocals performed by mary bue
fiddle by sara softich


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