Mary Bue Apple in the Ocean

Apple in the Ocean

Title : Apple in the Ocean
Release Date : July 26, 2012

recorded, mixed & mastered by eric swanson at sacred heart studio, duluth mn
produced by mary bue with eric swanson and the intuitive sensibilities of these fine musicians: matt mobley, dave frankenfeld, kyle maclean, ida jo, christian mcshane & charlie parr

photos: ryan lemahieu
graphic design: adam guggemos
website: christian mcshane

mary bue: vocals, piano, organ, tambourine, glockenspiel & guitar on “little bird”
matt mobley: bass
dave frankenfeld: drums
ida jo: violin on “beeswax,” “dentistry” and “valentine”
christian mcshane: sitar on “savasana bliss” and “8 feet of Snow”
kyle maclean: guitar on “beeswax” and “cosmopolitan”
charlie parr: slide guitar on “little bird”

copyright mary bue music 2012
this project was successfully funded with the help of kickstarter

love and hugs to:
my mom, dad and bro: what a fantastic family unit we are. i love you all! thank you for supporting me in my musical endeavors for the last 14 years!

thanks to sara alexander/softich, ronnie eastling, moira ray, sair jordan, kyle maclean, grandma betty, bob & janet engvall, sarah & gordon simpson, jess wetter, odette allen, natalie salminen-rude, marcella kroll, marcie stoyke, chip stewart, leslie bruns-fralich, crystal meisinger, ryan lemahieu, christian mcshane, eric swanson, derek pearson, ryan dahlberg, dave frankenfeld, matt mobley and adam guggemos. deep thanks to tracy weber, marc martin, & whole life yoga’s nurturing community: you helped bring me balance! massive thanks to these generous friends and supporters of this project: janelle bane, aaron rowan, andy pilon, bob monahan, kyle george, mark dey, katie wiedewitsch, deanna & andy asbury: songs are incubating for all of you! a gracious bow to kickstarter for providing a funding platform for creative works – thanks to my 104 backers! wow! finally, big sparkly love to the countless others who have touched my heart – there are more of you than i can list here.