Virtual Mantra & Meditation Series: Ganesh in the New Era




GANESH in THE NEW ERA – Four week virtual series with Tara Cindy Sherman and Mary Bue
Dates & Time: Mondays, January 11, 18, 25 & February 1 from 7-9pm CST
Investment: $108
Join Mary and Tara in another 4 week Nada & Meditation Series, this one dedicated to Ganesh who offers a plethora of blessings to those who look in His/Her direction. Ganesh is often pictured with the head of an elephant and body of a man, though in the ancient roots of India Ganesh was honored as female and as an agent of Mother Earth. This 4 week series will feature mantra chanting of every type; Vedic, Tantric and Bhakti, along with dharma talks, practices, optional “Om-work”, check ins, yoga nidra and sonic blessings.
Week 1 ~ Earth Mother; Her Symbols & Stories, Intention Setting & Shakti Raising Practices
Week 2 ~ The Obstacle is the Path, How to Embrace Your Path & Embrace Your Pain
Week 3 ~ Bless Your Body, Bliss YOUR Body, How to Ground & the Enjoyment of Embodiment
Week 4 ~ Ganesh as Gatekeeper & Knowledge of the Unseen Worlds, Tap Into Your Inner Mystery & Power
Investment: $108
Also payable to Mary @marybuemusic, or Tara @Cindy-Sherman-15 on Venmo or on PayPal


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