Mantra & the Yoga of Sound – 8 week e-Course




Mantras are vehicles for transformation and deeper connection to that which is divine within us. Loosely translated, Manas means mind, tra means instrument. When working with mantras, we are utilizing an ancient tool to focus and refine the mind, calm and soothe its random fluctuations, linking to our breath, and tuning into our infinite wellspring of creativity, peace, and hope.
Join Mary Bue e-RYT 500 YACEP for an 8 week, 30+ hour e-course exploring the transformational qualities of sound and mantra, from the lens of a professional singer-songwriter, yoga instructor + music teacher.
This course is eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits (31.25 Non-Contact hours) –…
Your online modules begin whenever you purchase this course. You will be emailed each module weekly beginning on whatever date you purchase. Each module contains podcast-style lectures, videos, and PDFs with practices, meditations, and techniques.
The course is themed upon the seven major chakras. After week one’s introduction, each week will build upon the next from root to crown with grounding information rising to the more ethereal realms.
These modules can be worked through in your own timing, and you are granted lifetime access to this course (unless Teachable’s servers go down or Mary changes platforms, at which point you will be given the option to download the curriculum).
In this training we will explore these ancient symbolic sounds, words, and phrases. Using the art of listening, we will delve into multiple forms of mantra: Vedic, Tantric, Bhakti, and the Yoga of Sound – Nada Yoga – which surrounds and informs all three.
With respect and gratitude to whence this practice came, growing up alongside Hatha Yoga and evolving to be shared with people of all castes, eventually traveling across oceans to grace other lands and hearts. We will discuss how to incorporate mantra into public and private classes, with reverence and attention to cultural sensitivity.
We will touch upon:
-The power of sound and music
-Creating a holistic personal practice incorporating sound and mantra
-Learn mantras for the heart, peace, and the planet
– Bija (seed) syllables
-Mantra as a form of pranayama
– Pronunciation of Sanskrit to the best of our ability
-Chanting of important Yoga Sutras
Patanjali invocation and forgiveness chants
-Energetic effects of sounds
-Incorporating sound /mantra into teaching
-Brief history of origins of mantra
-Discussion of deities & their respective mantras
-Sound / Silence meditations
-Physical and neurological effects of mantras
-Bija mantra practice for the Chakras
And so much more!
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3 payments of $126/month
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