Mantra & Meditation Virtual Series: Nada Yoga + Kali




NADA YOGA & KALI ~ with Tara and Mary
Mondays, Sept. 21, 29, Oct. 5, 12 from 7-9pm Online
Join Tara and Mary on this 4 week exploration into the power of Nada Yoga and the shakti of Kali. Nada yoga, or the yoga of sound is one of India’s greatest gifts to the world as it helps bring harmony and balance when we are out of tune and peace and strength when we are weary.
Kali as an archetype is paradoxical as she represents both the fierce warrior goddess and the loving Universal Mother. She is considered to be the shadow slayer, the ruler of time, the vast cosmic womb and our spiritual energy known as kundalini. In her essence she represents the radical transformation that is so greatly needed at this time. We can tap into Kali‘s energy to draw strength in times of need and to shine a light into the darkness. Kali is a tantric wisdom goddess that teaches how to take what hurts us and bring it into our practice for ultimate integration and self love.
We will access the shakti of Kali through her mantras and myths, ritual and meditation, weekly check-ins and optional homework, and as always class ends with Tara’s yoga nidra and Mary’s sonic blessings as she serenades us.


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