Mantra & Meditation: The Yoga of Sound




Join Mary Bue and Tara Cindy Sherman in this 4 week immersion into the beauty, power and depth of The Yoga of Sound known as Nada Yoga.

Learn about the different types of mantra, each with their own unique history, application and effects, as well as the “art of listening” which brings harmonic resonance to one’s whole being.

Experience the power of tantric mantras, or bijas to build energy in the subtle body for purification and transformation.

Explore ancient Vedic prayers for peace while building a palpable force field around the soul and sending vibrations of healing out to all of creation.

Dive deep into the bliss of the devotional mantras of kirtan, a call and response form of chanting that is said to cut through separation consciousness and open the spiritual heart transporting us to higher states of awareness.

Rest and meditate in mantra shakti which is said to be the most potent form of shakti, as one can generate every other type of shakti through mantra shakti.

Tap into the vibratory pulse of creation. Discover the power and bliss of chanting. Come feel, hear and see for yourself how these practices can open the door of your heart, soothe the soul, empower the mind and balance the body.

Class meets 4  Thursdays beginning April 23 from 7-9pm at Carondelet Center adjacent to St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, MN.

Each week will focus on a particular type of mantra, yet includes all 3 types of mantra and the art of listening, Dharma talk and Discussion as well as Meditation/Yoga Nidra and Sound Baths to close each session.

Exchange is $145. No Drop Ins as space is limited

To register send  $145 via PayPal to Tara at or purchase on our secure site here.


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