Kali & The Cosmic Womb: Holding Both the Light & the Dark ~ 3 Month Virtual Immersion on Zoom


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Kali & The Cosmic Womb: Holding Both the Light & the Dark ~ 3 Month Immersion 

Join Mary Bue and Tara Sherman in this 3 month immersion into the shakti of Kali who helps us navigate both the light and the dark of this world and ourselves. Kali is paradoxical as she is both a fierce warrior goddess and a loving universal mother. She represents ultimate integration and self love as she teaches how to take what hurts us and bring it into our practice so that we may find the love behind the pain of life. We transform the dark not by fighting it, but by inviting the light in so that we may see more clearly and learn to honor both the “holy and the shit”. 

Kali is known as the Ruler of Time, Cosmic Womb, Universal Mother, Warrior Goddess, Loving Teacher, Consort and Power of Shiva, and the Kundalini itself.  Kali is the shapeshifting goddess that helps us move through the 5 stages of spiritual development on our way back to her by offering different aspects of Herself as needed.   

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of these 5 stages of spiritual unfoldment as we work with the various flavors and faces of Kali.  We will align with and access the power of Kali through story, symbolism, mantras, movement, meditation, yoga nidra and sonic blessings.

Here are a few testimonials from Mary and Tara’s longtime students:

Can’t find words to express what this goddess immersion has meant to me!!! Such an incredible journey in the safe and loving hands of these amazing and beautiful women!!!!                                                                    Micki Rasmussen RN, E-YT

Tara and Mary are an amazing Goddess duo. The goddess classes have enriched my life in the knowledge of who I am.  The classes are approachable and engaging.  A special bonus includes ending each session with a Yoga Nidra by Tara and a Sonic Blessing by Mary. Ahhhhhhh                                       Linda Imbertson

The deep dives into Goddess archetypes and worship throughout the ages is a great mix of lecture, practices at home, and sharing of experiences is incredible!   It has added so much depth to my own studies and understanding of Yoga philosophy and practice.  Would highly recommend!!!                                      Shannon Witaker


Class meets on Zoom Sundays from 1-4pm 

Jan. 16, 30, Feb. 13, 27, March 13, 27

Exchange for Immersion $333 via Tara’s Venmo or Paypal below

OR $349 here via Paypal / Credit Card

To Register send payment to Tara at Cindy-Sherman-15 on Venmo or [email protected] on PayPal


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