Virtual Immersion ~ begins Sunday, Jan 22

Throughout history humans have used mythology, archetypes, symbols and sound to understand and build relationships with the fabric of nature and the universe. In yogic philosophy the many Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu pantheon represent specific energies in the world and in varying degrees, in ourselves. Learning the names and forms of these energies allows us to align with and access different aspects of the creative feminine power known as Shakti, which can accelerate and enhance our journey of self awareness and evolution.

The deity or archetype of Ganesh is often depicted with the head of an elephant and body of a man. There are many origin stories about how this came to be so. One lesser known myth hails from southern India where Ganesh was and is worshipped as a feminine deity and representative of mother earth and a time when the feminine was revered as an agent of the divine.

There are many qualities or shaktis associated with Ganesh: blessing new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, feeling rooted and grounded, safe and secure, enhanced creativity, writing, music, art, study, teaching and more.

In this 5 week online immersion into the study of Ganesh we will work with all of these energies with a special focus on Ganesh as earth mother. Our aim is to cultivate a deeper connection to the beauty and miracle of our body and the body of the planet, to honor and respect both even more than we already do. To perhaps even birth a new relationship with our body and to help midwife a new earth. To explore, enjoy and sense into the magic of the temple of our body and this amazing temple of mother earth.

What better way to start off a new year than with the intentions and practices that cultivate self love and love of the planet?  We will tap into Ganesh’s qualities with Mantra, Yantra, Mudra, Meditation, Ritual, Gentle Asana, Shaktiflow, Yoga Nidra, Sonic Blessings, Dharma Talks and Sharing. No prior experience necessary, just an interest and openness to the creative feminine and all it brings.

Dates & Times:  Online, Sundays January 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19 from 6-8:30 pm

Investment is $333 payable on Venmo or with check (for Venmo please do not pay as “goods or services”) and $349 on PayPal

Register by paying in full to Cindy-Sherman-15 on Venmo or [email protected] on PayPal or contact Tara if you need the address when paying with a check.



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