Chakra Lovefest! 8 Week Virtual Yoga & Meditation Series


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Join Mary Bue e-RYT 500 YACEP for an 8 week virtual series exploring the energies,  symbology,  embodiment, and psychology of seven major chakra centers.


8 Wednesdays beginning September 14th | 7:30-8:45pm

Investment:  $149 or $25 individual sessions

Chakras are energetic centers in our body as taught in Indian Yogic philosophy – wheels,  spirals,  vortexes,  vibrations,  places where energy flows.

Each energy center has a vibratory signature – a color,  a sound,  a time of development.  They also have a placement on the body aligning with major organs,  bones,  & physiological processes such as digestion and breathing,  as well as psychological / emotional imprints like love,  intuition,  feeling safe & secure.

Chakras can worked with as a beautiful and deep method of self-awareness.  When we can tune into the messages from these centers,  we can notice what may be feeling off or heightened and tend to that part of ourselves.

On a personal note from your instructor — this is a Chakra “Lovefest” because I am so in love with and fascinated by these beautiful,  colorful,  and dynamic systems and how they can relate to our well being,  our lust for life,  our relationships,  and our passions.  I hope you’ll join me in delving into the magic,  mystery,  and delight of this esoteric yet wonderfully practical philosophy!

September 14th: Muladhara / Root Chakra:  Foundation,  sense of safety,  rooted & grounded,  “basic needs” Chakra

September 21st:  Svadhistana / Sacral Chakra:  Creativity,  sensuality,  inspiration, emotions,  pleasure

September 28th: Manipura / Solar Plexus Chakra: Confidence,  power,  self-esteem,  vitality,  purpose

October 5th: Anahata / Heart Chakra:  Love,  relationships,  intimacy,  compassion,  forgiveness,  self-acceptance

October 12th: Vissudha / Throat Chakra: Expression,  clear communication,  speaking our truth,  creativity,  listening

October 19th: Ajna / Third Eye Chakra: Intuition,  thinking processes,  insight,  imagination,  clear seeing

October 26th: Sahasrara / Crown Chakra:  Unity,  oneness,  connectedness,  spirit realm,  deep wisdom

November 2nd: Integration with chakra review & practice with Bhuta Shuddhi cleansing / aligning meditation


In this series,  each class will offer a brief overview of the chakra center,  and we will explore ways to tap into these energies including but not limited to:

  • movement: asana, dance, gentle stretching
  • breathwork: seated pranayama,  breath meditations
  • meditation: there are myriad ways to meditate and we will try numerous techniques
  • mantra / sound: each chakra has it’s own “seed syllable” or bija mantra as well as other sound & music explorations
  • personal ritual:  setting up an altar with meaningful items
  • self-reflection / svadhyaya: journaling prompts,  dreamwork
  • art-making: optional “homework” to create collage,  paintings,  drawings
  • discussion / sharing: Optional check ins to share reflections / ask questions

Each week you will receive PDFs with some info about the chakra,  journaling prompts, and optional homework.

Each session will be recorded and emailed to you, so if you miss a class – no worries! No check ins or personal sharing will be recorded.


I am a songwriter, traveler,  Nada Yogi, adventure seeker, retreat guide, former yoga studio owner, and yoga instructor since 2009. Grateful to be named “Best Songwriter” of 2020 by City Pages and have been writing music and performing since 1998,  with 8 albums out now. Based out of Minneapolis, I roam this beautiful world as much as possible and since closing my yoga studio have taken to guiding these magical retreats – to Bali,  Malta, Taos,  Italy! I believe deeply in the richness of a creative life that is ever unfolding. One doesn’t have to play an instrument, write a novel, paint like Frida, or write like Mary Oliver to live a creative life. Every moment that unfolds offers opportunities to make something beautiful. While this may seem like a lot of pressure, rest in knowing that potential is ever unfolding, even in the silent and restorative times (like sleeping!). Please let me know if you have ANY questions. I am pretty much an open book (most of which can be discovered in this website or listening to my music!). Contact me via the contact link here or at marybue @

Investment:  $149 here or $25 individual sessions

Pay here or via Venmo @marybuemusic  or Zelle marybue @ with “chakras” in your memo




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