Boat With No Oars CD




15 song compact disc mailed to your door 🙂


mary bue: piano,  lead vocals,  chamberlin,  xylaphone,  hammond organ,  pump organ,  guitar on 6, 9, 14 & 15 and all harmonies except for “petunias”

dave frankenfeld: drums

christian mcshane: sitar on “the retina”

crystal meisinger: harmonies on “petunias”

matt mobley: bass on “the city trees” and “salt and pepper”

sam heyn on electric guitar for on “no turning back,”  “chocolate and hawaii,” “big mistake” and “ain’t nobody”

abe heyn on bass for on “no turning back,”  “chocolate and hawaii,” “big mistake” and “ain’t nobody”

nate sipe: mandolin on “west is the west.” “baby I love you” and “chocolate and hawaii”

jason wussow: electric guitar on “the city trees”

sara softich: fiddle on “waltz,  baby i love you” and “suitcase full of feathers”

“my sweet warrior” recorded february ’06 with chris mara in nashville, tn

hidden track: “cypress tree” recorded at third ear studio by tom herbers – this song was required for my artist residency at the big cypress nature preserve and may be used in their artist showcase material –

piano,  lead vocals,  drums, bass,  pump organ,  sitar,  electric and acoustic guitar,  crystal’s harmony and harmony vocals on “gorgeous” and “suitcase full of feathers” recorded at sacred heart studio,  duluth, mn by eric swanson

vox,  hammond,   chamberlin,  xylaphone,  mandolin and the remaining “oohs” and harmonies recorded at third ear studio in minneapolis, mn by mike whitney

drum echo on “big mistake” created by tom herbers

mixed and mastered by tom herbers,  third ear studio, minneapolis, mn winter 2006

design and layout: adam guggemos


graphic design: adam guggemos


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