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Hello dear friends and gracious music lovers.  

I hope this note finds you doing wonderfully and enjoying the summer so much,  whether that be running around wildly fitting it in,  or slowing down and beaching,  or a little of both.  

It’s 4:30 on Thursday,  I’ve brewed a french press of coffee, and ready to


Online diary: thoughts about being a vegan human, yogi, and musician

The Majesty of Beasts by mary bue

Please enjoy this blog (or online diary!) with a soundtrack! Click play to listen above 🙂

I was recently out to dinner with some loved ones (all omnivores) in a hip, busy new restaurant in a midwestern state. There was a cauliflower steak with mediterranean orzo on the menu. I asked the server


Settling into the new norm: travel stories, recording update, Homegrown Fest Recap, and Upcoming Creativity + Yoga Retreat in Bali

Hello friends! This is gonna be a kind of long blog – a synthesis / digest of the last few email newsletters (please sign up for the newsletter here if you’d like an email from me once a month or so)! Feel free to skim to what interests you!!!

I spent the month of March 2019 traveling


A poem a day … from Bali and India!

YAHOO you read the headline right!  I wanna write you poems every day from Bali and India!!! 

A few weeks ago my friend Lucia texted me on accident the word "Temple." Her kid bumped the phone and siri texted me that word! Well I am soooo happy to announce that I'm going to be seeing LOTS of temples soon as I'm taking a spiritual pilgrimage to BALI and INDIA at the end of the month!