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Bali ~ Feb 2024

$200 off if paid in full by July 31st 2023!

How can we describe the indescribable,  the pulse of Shakti?

The sea, the moon, the way a fruit ripens? A kiss, a song? How can we possibly? We can only try, and we will do so over this week in movement, savoring, adventuring, writing, reflection, and embodiment.

Bali is one of these indescribable places on this earth. The land pulses with life. The tides, volcanoes, wild rains, thick jungle. Stunning flowers cascading in rainbows. Fire-y sunsets.  It is with great and humbling pleasure that we invite you to the Ring of Fire, beautiful Bali, Indonesia!

Join Tara Cindy Sherman and Mary Bue for a blissful, rejuvenating journey across the world, to explore the beauty and mystery of Bali Indonesia.  Spend seven days and nights on Bali’s west (sunset!) coast at Puri Dajuma Eco Resort and Spa. Located directly on the ocean,  this gorgeous eco-resort does its best to care for the earth with zero marine waste, recycling, organic food, and community-organized clean-ups.   Top-notch staff,  delicious cuisine,  stunning locale.  All genders are welcome. 

About Archetypes & Deities

From the perspective of Hindu philosophy, the gods and goddesses can be viewed as forms of energy. Each form of energy is given a name and a personality and within each energy is a governing intelligence or essence. The use of mantra, ritual, yantra and myth can awaken us to these various energies so that we may align with and draw upon their power. Working with archetypes or deities through their mythology, symbolism and sounds help humans build relationships with the fabric of life and enhance our abilities to experience a richer, fuller and more expanded awareness of reality. 

In her book “Awakening Shakti” Sally Kempton describes archetypes as such “An archetype is a subtle blueprint that both transcends individual personality and lives in it, connecting our personal minds to the cosmic or collective mind.” She speaks of deities saying “The best way to explain in modern terms what a deity is, is to understand a deity as a unique vortex of energy. Sometimes that energy vortex takes a recognizable anthropomorphic form. Sometimes that energy is felt through sound vibrations (mantras), or through geometric pictures (yantras). Recognizing and decoding the various “tastes” of the deities is a way of deepening your capacity for living with passion and depth.” 

About Shakti

Shakti is the creative feminine power in each of us and in all of life. The Pratyabhijnana Hridayam states that “Shakti is the cause of the manifestation, maintenance and reabsorption of the Universe which she manifests upon her own screen.” This means that Shakti becomes everything in the Universe and everything beyond the Universe.

Shakti is said to be the “juice” of creation and the power that leads to Blissful Freedom. Our practices and pilgrimages into the mysteries and magic of Bali are designed not only to align with the Shakti of the archetypes we are working with and their unique vortexes, but to honor the sacred land, sites and people of Bali. We’ll celebrate the Shakti in ourselves and each other as we raise our vibration to fuel our growth and evolution while we tap into the Blissful Freedom that the ancients say is the underlying energy of the cosmos.

Each day will be inspired by the energy and symbolism of a sacred deity with movement,  meditation,  writing practices,  activities, and excursions that embody the theme.  Every practice is optional and will be explained in a welcoming,  respectful,  and reverent way that honors the culture from whence it has arisen.

Excursions will include: 

  • Boat Trip with optional snorkeling to Menjangan Island (Deer Island)
  • Sri Ganesha Menjangan Temple Visit
  • Day Trip to Ubud ~ shopping,  art,  dining
  • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary ~ Ubud
  • Buddhist Temple visit ~ Brahmavihara-Arama in North Bali
  • Banjar Hot Springs
  • Sea Temple ~ Rambut Siwi
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Center ~ Kurmah Asih
  • and more

When not touring the island, we’ll go internal with daily writing practices, dream work, meditation, creative visualization, Shakti Flow,  and yoga nidra. Yoga asana (postures / vinyasa) will be offered daily (except for our day trip) with special workshops.   No active creative work is required, NOR is any yoga experience required. Everything is optional! We are all creative beings in the way we choose to live our daily lives.

On our Sacred Rest Day,  you are more than welcome to book activities with Puri Dajuma Eco-Resort’s fantastic team.  From luxurious spa treatments to a midnight volcano hike,  touring rice terraces to deep sea diving,  dreamy experiences await you!

Each retreat goer receives a beautiful Balinese aromatic massage (while gazing into a bowl of fresh flower petals!) … a fruit basket and gift bag awaits you upon arrival … and from all directions, the scent of frangipani and ylang ylang wafts into your cells as you take a break from winter … Much more adventure and relaxation awaits!

About Ganesh

The archetype of Ganesh is one of the most well known and beloved deities in all of Hinduism. Ganesh is often depicted with the head of an elephant and body of a man. There are many origin stories about how this came to be. One lesser known myth hails from southern India where Ganesh was and is worshiped as a feminine deity and representative of mother earth hailing from a time when the feminine was revered as an agent of the divine. In our visit to the Ganesh temple we will honor both the masculine and feminine faces of Ganesh to help bring about the balance that is so greatly needed at this time on the planet. 

Some of the Shaktis or attributes associated with Ganesh are: blessing new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, feeling rooted and grounded, feeling safe and secure, enhanced creativity, writing, music, art, study, teaching, abundance, health and gatekeeper to life’s mysteries and gifts.

Ganesh as gatekeeper and ruler of the root chakra is representative of Ganesh as the guardian of our spiritual energy known as kundalini. In addition to being the guardian and protector of our spiritual energy Ganesh is also said to be the guardian of the gates of the heavens and as such is related to our crown center. The more we look to the stars for guidance and inspiration, the more important it is to honor the earth and ground in our physical bodies. The more we seek to expand our consciousness, the greater the need to be embodied. Our hearts are the bridge where heaven and earth meet and our bodies are the temple where both the masculine and feminine forces dwell. We are spirit and nature dancing together.  

We will be taking an excursion by boat with optional for exquisite snorkeling to Menjangan Island where an awe-inspiring sculpture of Ganesh overlooking the clear blue seas resides.  We will moor on island and spend a few hours honoring the earth by picking up any trash that has washed or been left ashore.  We’ll enjoy a picnic lunch and bask in the glory of sun, sea,  fresh air,  and potentially wild deer sightings.

About Saraswati

Saraswati is also known as Vac which is the name for the original sound current of creation and the essence of the Vedas. The Sanskrit language is attributed to her as well as wisdom and intuitive knowledge. She plays the vina which represents the vibrations of sound and rhythm, the music of the cosmos and hints at what we now know as string theory.

Saraswati flows like the ancient Indus river named after her. She flows as a flash of inspiration, insight, sound, language, art, music, elevated creativity and inner wisdom.

She rules the third eye center as the power of mind, but resides in the throat center as the power of speech. We will work with Saraswati’s shakti through our studies, mantra and self expression as we open to our intuitive wisdom and flow with ease and grace like the swan upon which she rides.

About Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the yogic archetype of love, beauty, abundance, and the very heart of goodness. She is the consort or power of Lord Vishnu who is said to be the sustainer of the Universe. Lakshmi is also known as Sri, one meaning of which is the flow or currency of the Universe. It is said that if you want to invoke Lakshmi you must first become her as she is not only the bestower of love and beauty, but the very source of it.

Lakshmi is the giver of gifts both material and spiritual. We’ll align with her flow of Sri to embrace the beauty in the world and ourselves as we cultivate harmony and peace on the planet. We’ll draw upon mystical yogic techniques and modern practical tools to tap into the flow of goodness in the Universe and allow Lakshmi’s golden light to shine more fully in us and our lives. 

About Shiva

Shiva is third in the holy trinity or Trimurti of Hinduism. The three forms of cosmic function and divinity are that of creator, preserver and destroyer; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva respectively. We’ll explore the 3 faces of the divine in this triad with special attention given to Shiva the transformer who is known to be destroyer of one world and impregnator of the next.

Shiva is also known as the Cosmic Dancer, Lord of the Yogis, God of Time and consort of Kali in all her varying expressions. We’ll draw upon the Shakti of Shiva for ultimate transformation through practices that help us leave behind the things that we’ve outgrown, but not quite let go of. With the intention to embody our highest self we can live our best life in service for the greater good of all.  

About Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama, most commonly referred to as Buddha, was born into the highest caste system of India, the Brahmans, but did not believe in the caste system. He became a wandering ascetic and religious teacher who lived in South Asia during the 5th or 6th century and founded Buddhism.

In preparation for our visit to the Buddhist temple we’ll explore the teachings of Buddhism and Vipassana which are based on the Buddha’s discourse; The Maha Satipatthana Sutra or the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness. Mindfulness can help free us from suffering through increased awareness, non-delusion, self control and peace.

Dajuma proudly follows Tri Hita Karana Balinese philosophy,  which stands on 3 sacred principles:
Harmony with the Gods, with Nature and between People.

Lodging is luxurious and charming to say the least. We are surrounded by painstakingly detailed wood & stone carvings, artworks, traditional floral decorations, and you may return to fresh flowers sprinkled on your bed when you return from your evening meal.

Rooms have dreamy beds, private bath, an outdoor patio with seating and a hammock, and easy access to one of the two wonderful pools and a short walk to the beach.

Hot water kettle with tea & instant coffee,  mini fridge (with minibar – beverages at an additional fee),  fluffy towels,  robe,  hairdryer,  eco friendly soap and shampoos provided. Laundry service available.

Learn more about wonderful Puri Dajuma at their website here. 

This retreat is for you, and the emphasis is SELF CARE. If the group is heading out for the day to explore and you want to stay in and rest, sleep, dream, have a cosmic colada while staring out to sea or take your own excursion around the island, that is YOUR prerogative! Also please note that all instructors are very careful and sensitive about self adjustments during yoga classes (like, probably none) unless requested. Also, if you want to opt out of any group activities, sharing sessions, writing practice, you will not be judged by any means. Also note that during group sharing, the sharing will be (kindly) timed so that no one speaks way more than the others and those who maybe wouldn’t share will always get a chance (or choose to pass). At this resort and during the retreat, there will be plenty of space to be on your own with built in breaks. Meals will be taken at the restaurant on you own timing during their regular dining schedule.

Our 7 nights and days together at Puri Dajuma Eco Resort and Spa include (activities subject to change):

  • Round trip transportation from Bali Ngurah Rai / Denpasar International Airport (approx 3 hour drive from airport). *If arriving from elsewhere on island, this can also be arranged, potentially with an additional fee.
  • Three nourishing organic meals each day from the resort’s award winning restaurant (the vegan and GF options are phenomenal!). Arrival evening and departure morning meal also included.  Lunch for our day trip to Ubud not included.
  • Daily* yoga classes with Balinese instructor Tini, Tara & Mary (except for full day excursion)
  • Meditation, Pranayama (conscious breathwork), Shakti Flow, and Yoga Nidra
  • Beautiful accommodation with private baths (some are outdoor!)
  • One aromatic Balinese massage
  • Visit to Rambut Siwi Temple Sea Temple
  • Excursion to WWF initiated sea turtle conservation programme at Perancak estuary
  • Dream work
  • Optional Group sharing/discussion
  • Writing practice & guided writing prompts
  • Community beach clean up
  • Learn the art of Balinese flower arranging (Puri Dajuma staff)
  • Balinese dance lesson (guest instructor)
  • Balinese cooking class with Puri Dajuma chefs 
  • Carving lesson with wood or stone (Puri Dajuma staff)
  • Swim in the sea or any of the three ocean-view pools
  • Sunsets!
  • Gift basket of tropical fruits awaits you in your lovely room!

NEW IN 2024:

  • Visit to Ubud for shopping & sites
  • Sacred Monkey Forest (Ubud)
  • Buddhist Monastery visit
  • Hot Springs of Banjar
  • Flights
  • Passport fee (please note your passport must be current and must not expire for 6 months after trip … also please note it is required you need a visa if you stay longer than 30 days in Bali)
  • Travel insurance (recommended!)
  • Medical care
  • Gratuity
  • Additional massage / bodywork / manicures / pedicures / spa treatments, etc.
  • Transport costs before or after retreat is finished (happy to help arrange transportation if you are staying on island longer or coming early)
  • Alcohol / minibar items / fancy coffees or smoothies, additional snacks beyond meals. Bali coffee, teas, juice, purified water are included.
  • SUP or surfboard rentals / lessons, additional excursions. Happy to help coordinate!

Earn 30 Hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance & Certifications in the transformational and healing practices of Nada Yoga & Yoga Nidra with E-RYT 500 yoga instructors Mary Bue and Tara Sherman in Bali ~ March 2-7, 2024 

This 5 day training is for yoga instructors post our Celebrating Shakti Retreat in Bali February 23-March 1st. You may come for both the retreat and teacher training or just the teacher training.  

Start and end your days with the life enhancing practices of the yoga of sound and the sleep of the yogi. Follow your heart’s desire in the afternoon by nurturing yourself in the beauty of nature, swimming in the gorgeous pool, indulging in bodywork, delicious meals or exploring the magic of Bali.

Your day begins with 3 hours of teacher training on the study and practice of Nada Yoga and mantra chanting. Learn how to teach and share mantras that enliven, uplift, transform and heal!  

End your days with 3 hours learning about and experiencing the deeply relaxing and transformational state of the sleep of the yogi. Yoga Nidra is said to help us live better, sleep better and when our time comes to die better. 

Learn to Teach Nada Yoga ~ The Yoga of Sound with Mary Bue

Mantras are vehicles for transformation and deeper connection to that which is divine within us. Loosely translated, Manas means mind, tra means instrument. When working with mantras, we are utilizing an ancient tool to focus and refine the mind, calm and soothe its random fluctuations, linking to our breath, and tuning into our infinite wellspring of creativity, peace, and hope.

We will spend 15+ hours over the course of 5 days exploring the transformational qualities of sound and mantra, from the lens of a professional singer-songwriter, yoga instructor + music teacher. 

The course is themed upon the seven major chakras,  each building upon the next from root to crown with grounding information rising to the more ethereal realms. 

In this training we will explore these ancient symbolic sounds, words, and phrases. Using the art of listening, we will delve into multiple forms of mantra: Vedic, Tantric, Bhakti, and the Yoga of Sound – Nada Yoga – which surrounds and informs all three.

We will discuss how to incorporate mantra into public and private classes, with reverence and attention to cultural sensitivity.

We will touch upon:

  • The power of sound and music
  • Creating a holistic personal practice incorporating sound and mantra
  • Learn mantras for the heart, peace, and the planet
  • Bija (seed) syllables
  • Pronunciation of Sanskrit to the best of our ability
  • Chanting of important Yoga Sutras
  • Patanjali invocation and forgiveness chants
  • Energetic effects of sounds
  • Incorporating sound /mantra into teaching
  • Brief history of origins of mantra
  • Discussion of deities & their respective mantras
  • Sound / Silence meditations
  • Physical and neurological effects of mantras
  • Bija mantra practice for the Chakras
  • And so much more!

Learn to teach Yoga Nidra ~ Sleep of the Yogi with Tara Cindy Sherman

Experience the sleep of the yogi and learn to share it with your students. Yoga Nidra, also known as the sleep of the yogi, is a tantric form of meditation that is practiced from a supine position to support the release of the threefold tensions that amass in human beings. It is designed to lead us from the outer layers inward as we progressively release tensions from the physical, energetic, emotional and mental layers to rest and restore in the intuitive and blissful aspects of our innate self.

As we learn to relax more deeply we are simultaneously deprogrammed from all the things that aren’t really us and reprogrammed to awaken to our true self. Yoga Nidra teaches us how to traverse the realms of our conscious and subconscious minds so that we can plant “thought seeds” of intent known as Sankalpa in the layers and levels of our being so that we may enter into new ways of being in ourselves and our world.

I (Tara) have practiced Yoga Nidra regularly since 2001 with profound effects. In my 29+ years of teaching yoga and meditation this is one of the most well loved and requested techniques that I share.

Join me in this training if you’d like to add the deeply transformative practice of Yoga Nidra to your yogic toolbox. Learn how to bring more peace to yourself and your students in an ever-changing world that is both beautiful, and at times incredibly challenging. Your students will thank you and your soul will too!


  • Basic understanding of the history of Yoga Nidra
  • An understanding of what makes Yoga Nidra different from guided meditation
  • How to ensure what you are teaching true Nidra
  • Experience at least five full Yoga Nidra practices
  • How to use this Tantric meditation form and when it might be contraindicated
  • How to transmit the state of Yoga Nidra to your students
  • A comprehensive manual

Yoga teachers who have completed their 200- or 500-hour certification.

Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

CONTINUING EDUCATION: A certification and continuing education credit from Yoga Alliance will be awarded to those who attend


This 5 day training includes 3 meals/day,  5 nights of lodging,  one aromatic Balinese massage

For both Retreat + Training*:

*includes lodging and meals on March 1st, in between retreat & training

Double = $3084

Single = $3427 

Place $800 Deposit (non-refundable) Here

We are SO grateful for your interest in joining this retreat experience to Indonesia.  To reserve your spot and learn about payment options (digital & check), please email Mary at marybue (no spaces) or at the contact form here.

If you already have spoken with Tara or Mary or know you are IN,  feel free to make a deposit now and we will reach out with registration information within 24 hours.

INVESTMENT For Celebrating Shakti in Bali Retreat Feb 23-Mar 1st 2024

$200 off if paid in full by July 31st 2023!

$2000 (per person) Shared Room (two twin beds)

$2,350 – Single Private Room

$600 Deposit (non-refundable) ~ Place deposit here

For both Celebrating Shakti Retreat (Feb 23-March 1st) + Bali Bliss Yoga Nidra & Nada Training* (March 2-7th)

*Price includes lodging and meals on March 1st which is in between retreat & training

Double = $3084

Single = $3427 

Deposit $800 (non-refundable) Deposit here

How To Pay

Please note that preferred payment options are check,  Apple Pay, or Zelle. A small fee will be added for PayPal or Venmo due to their admin charges.

Half payment due by October 15th 2023.

Full payment is due by December 15th, 2023.

Please note there is a late fee of $10/day if payment is not met on the listed scheduled dates.


As the retreat approaches,  you will receive an informative email with more information about Bali,  getting there,  what to pack, what to expect,  and will introduce you to your roommate if you chose to be paired with someone. You’ll also receive a waiver of liability to sign,  knowing that you choosing to participate in this experience at your own risk.


Full refund (minus deposit) before Oct 15th 2023*

50% refund (minus deposit) between Oct 15th-Dec 15th 2023

No refunds after December 15th 2023

*In the case that Bali is not allowing United States citizens due to the pandemic and this retreat is canceled by the host your deposit/payments will be refunded less a small administration fee OR, if you choose,  pushed forward to a determined rescheduled date.

** Air travel to Bali may require vaccinations for COVID-19.  Please take into consideration before registering for this retreat that there will be no refunds for anyone who doesn’t get the potentially required vaccination for foreign or domestic air travel.

** In the case that you are unable to make the retreat,  transfers are allowed with the permission of the hosts,  however, it is not the responsibility of the hosts to replace the spot, and is up to the initial purchaser to find someone to take their place.


My first introduction to the yogic path was in 1970 when at the age of 13 I read Siddartha by Hermann Hesse. The wisdom in that book made such an impression on me that I taught myself to meditate by gazing into the flame of a candle, many years later I learned that this technique is called trataka and is a valid tantric technique for meditation. Though I didn’t continue to practice for very long, being exposed to Eastern teachings at such a young age made a lasting impression on me. The inner knowing that there is more to life than the “seen” world is what drew me to, and keeps me on a yogic path, and is what I strive to bring to all of my classes.

In 1987 I returned to a regular practice of meditation and soon discovered the joy of hatha yoga. In 1993 I received my first 200 Yoga Teacher Certification at Expanding Light in Grass Valley, CA and have been teaching yoga ever since. That same year I was initiated into the tantric form of meditation known as Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Since that time here are some of the certifications and trainings that I have taken: DansKinetics from Kirpalu Center in 1999, Atma Yoga from Christopher Baxter in 2001, Ashtanga with Doug Swenson in 2002, Yoga of the Heart Cardiac & Cancer with Nischala Devi in 2004, JAI Prenatal with Jennifer Gray in 2006, Yin yoga with Paulie Zink in 2007, Yogic Mystery School and trip to India with Russill Paul studying Nada yoga in 2008, Vini Yoga with Gary Kraftsow in 2012, and goddess philosophy and meditation with Sally Kempton at Mt. Madonna in 2014.

Over the years I’ve brought together all of my favorite teachings and experiences into what I’ve named Radiant Shakti Flow which incorporates the Hindu Goddesses, ritual, chanting, drumming yogic warms, creative movement and yoga nidra for a full experience of the sacred.

I had the great pleasure to drum for Shakti Chant Band who preformed kirtans around town for 8 years, and now play in Shakti Bhava with my dear friend Coco.

Teaching yoga has brought great blessings to my life. I taught workshops, immersions, and drop-in classes at Yoga Center of Minneapolis (YCM) from 2000-2018. I was also involved with YCM’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and taught in the Advanced 500-hour training there. Currently, I teach at Minneapolis Yoga Training and Wellness. I feel it both an honor and blessing to help train teachers in this ancient art and science so that the full wisdom of yoga is passed on.


Mary Bue is a registered yoga teacher (e-RYT 500), an indie musician, and a teacher in the Viniyoga tradition, a breath-centered, flowing practice that believes in adapting postures to fit the whole person (not forcing a person to fit into a posture!). Mary received her certification at Whole Life Yoga in Seattle, WA by Tracy Weber, (student of Gary Kraftsow, student of T.K.V. Desikachar) and her 300-hour from Yoga Center Retreat (formerly Yoga Center of Minneapolis). In 2020, Mary received an additional 200-hour certificate in Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) from Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh India.

Mary has pursued continuing yoga education in prenatal yoga, yoga for anxiety & depression, pranayama, and 30 hour-certification in Trauma-informed Yoga with Firefly Yoga International. Mary was a teaching assistant for Whole Life Yoga’s ten month long, 200-hour teacher training in 2010 and has also assisted in WLY’s “Yoga for Healthy Backs” Series. She has her bachelor’s degree in psychology, with an emphasis on Transpersonal Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Mary has also received volunteer training in sexual assault victim advocacy from PAVSA and domestic violence victim support from DAIP. She founded and ran Imbue Yoga Studio in S. Mpls for nearly 3 years (closing Jan. 2019).

As a wanderer-luster and experience junkie, she has worked in many types of jobs: as a clinical research assistant in a prison & hospital, an AIDS prevention outreach worker on the streets and harm reduction work in needle exchanges, as well as many hundreds of hours as a server, bartender and barista.

In her life as a musician Mary has toured in 40+ states, released 7 albums, been awarded four artist grants, enjoyed three Artist in Residence awards, and has served on the board and steering committee of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival.

All of these experiences culminate in the guiding of Creativity and Yoga Retreats. Mary has led and co-led retreats in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Bali, Malta, Ireland, and Italy.

Mary is an avid runner (10 half marathons and two full marathons), nature lover and vegan. In her spare time, she enjoys playing music, cooking, writing blogs, poetry and in journals, painting cow portraits, reading non-fiction and traveling.

From Journey to the Ancient Mother Goddesses of Malta & Gozo Retreat 2022

Tara and Mary… maybe you wonder if it is curious that the names of the women leading the Goddess exploration and journey have the names of such auspicious and glorious woman who have shaped the landscape, conversation and dreams of ‘woman’ ’mother’ ‘goddess’ ’teacher’… it is not so much curious as magical, mystical, fated and fully accurate! These woman are the embodiment and living example of bringing the sacred and spiritual into the moment and infused into the lives of those they touch & teach!!!  To learn about the path of sacred feminine on the path with 2 POWERFUL examples is so fulfilling, meaningful and just RIGHT!! They are each so amazing and gifted – together the effects are multiplied by infinite love, light, energy and abundance!  Nothing is more worth the experience than the opportunity to learn and practice with Tara and Mary! ~ Wendy Selnes 

Tara & Mary are a blessing to all they meet. They both bring so much to classes and retreats with their wisdom, music and fun approach to life. Each has their own gifts and they weave magic together.  ~ Linda Magdalene Imbertson

I joined Mary and Tara on retreat to Malta and had the most amazing experience! These two beautiful women guided us through amazing ancient sites, provided heartfelt, potent classes, held space for our group and made us laugh til we cried! I so thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our time together and still found ample time alone to rest and rejuvenate! I am thrilled to be joining again for the Bali trip and hopefully many others! ~ Micki Rasmussen

I have participated in half-day, full-day and travel immersions with Tara Cindy Sherman and Mary Bue for several years.  From on-going Goddess studies to breathwork, meditation and sound immersions, Tara and Mary are great teachers on their own right and incredible together.  I would heartily recommend pursuing your interests in their classes and offerings-they are heart centered, generous in spirit and content, and always attended by an interesting group of individuals on the path to greater self-knowledge and insights into Tantric traditions.  Many of their students are certified yoga instructors themselves which is a testament to Mary and Tara’s coursework and high level of teaching. ~ Shannon Whitaker

From Taos Creativity + Yoga Retreat 2021:

This retreat was transformative for me. From the moment Mary welcomed me to the Blue Sky Retreat Center to the moment we left, I felt loved, supported, and surrounded by new friends. Doing yoga in a circle in the yurt was especially spiritual and created meaningful connections between us. There was a great balance between time together, organized excursions and time to be alone, with everything being optional to fit our personal needs. Mary’s energy and radiance was evident in every aspect of the retreat and the concert in the yurt was amazing! I feel incredibly blessed to have had this experience and hope to make it to the next retreat. – Mary Z.

Mary Bue is truly an inspiration. I could not be happier with my first experience on a yoga retreat. I felt heard, cared for, and elevated. This retreat is suited for any and all experience levels with yoga. The friendships and connections I made with myself and others will last a lifetime!! So grateful!! – Melissa R.

The most calming, nourishing, peaceful time of my life – Maren L.

This was my first retreat with Mary Bue, and it won’t be my last. Mary did an awesome job crafting an interesting itinerary, and making changes as needed due to COVID restrictions. It was very obvious that she cared that each of us had the best experience possible. Our retreat allowed for time to bond with other retreaters as well as exploring the beautiful Taos town and culture. I recommend Mary and her retreats to anyone looking to enrich their life and make life long connections and memories. ❤️ – Lisa P.