Creativity & Yoga Retreat in Bali

February 11th-18th 2022 

Puri Dajuma Eco Resort & Spa // West Bali

Inspiration springs from deep relaxation as one bears witness to great beauty and wild nature.  The island of Bali is a sensual,  sacred, and stunning place on this earth with deep reverence for our planet,  and home to the kindest people!

Balinese Dance Class at Puri Dajuma

All are welcome to spend 7 days and nights connecting with:

The sea:  Observe the tides w/ the full moon,  visit a WWF sea turtle conservation site,  enjoy the beauty of sunsets on the ocean nightly, optional surf lessons,  kayak + SUP rentals

The land: tropical plant walk, waterfall hike, and sacred banyan tree visit

Your body: Daily yoga,  nourishing organic food,  a massage,  swimming,  resting

Culture & Community:  Group sharing, beach clean up,  temple visit, traditional market

Your spirit: Self reflection via writing,  meditation,  visualization, inquiries into the shadow, dream work, working through creative blocks,  full moon intention ritual,  musical serenades by Mary & observe an optional day of silence

How can one describe the indescribable?

The sea, the moon, the way a fruit ripens? A kiss, a song? How can we possibly? We can only try, and we will do so over this week in movement, savoring, adventuring, writing, reflection, and embodiment.

Bali is one of these indescribable places on this earth. The land pulses with life. The tides, volcanoes, wild rains, thick jungle. Stunning flowers cascading in rainbows. Fire-y sunsets. The pulse of culture is alive with honoring the earth: plants, rocks, buildings, bridges, even cars and computers receive offerings for their rare earth minerals which keep them humming along and for all they provide. The wide smiles, family traditions, and deep knowing of Balinese culture is vital, thriving, and an honor and delight to be around. It is with great and humbling pleasure that I invite you to the Ring of Fire, beautiful Bali, Indonesia!

Spend seven days and nights on Bali’s west (sunset!) coast at Puri Dajuma Eco Resort and Spa. Located directly on the ocean, this gorgeous eco resort does its best to care for the earth with zero marine waste, recycling, organic food, and community organized clean ups.

Aerial view of Puri Dajuma Eco Resort and Spa


Lodging is charming to say the least! We are surrounded by painstakingly detailed wood & stone carvings, artworks, traditional floral decorations, and fresh flowers are sometimes sprinkled on your bed each night before you return back from your evening meal. Each room has one or two comfortable beds, private bath, an outdoor patio with seating and perhaps a hammock, and easy access to one of the three wonderful pools and a short walk to the beach.


Our group excursions will include a visit to one of Bali’s sacred sea temples Rambut Siwi Temple at sunset. We will visit a WWF initiated sea turtle conservation site, trek through a tropical fruit plantation to a pristine waterfall for a swim, visit a traditional market and a sacred banyan tree. We’ll do a community beach clean up, and enjoy the resort’s sustainability practices (filtered water and pitchers to refill provided in all rooms, straws made of bamboo, organic & local food when available).

When not touring the island, we’ll go internal with daily writing practices, dream work, meditation, creative visualization, and of course yoga. Yoga asana (postures / vinyasa) will be offered near daily with special workshops including Building Your Home Daily Practice … Mantras for The Heart, for Peace, and for the Earth … Full Moon Intention Ritual and more.  Dr. Shawna Weaver will be sharing a workshop on building resilience especially as we move through this difficult time of environmental crisis and political strife. She’ll talk about personal resilience and practices we can add to our daily life to build our resilience, as well as ways we can help our families and communities build resilience.

You will also be serenaded daily for a song or more by a critically acclaimed songwriter (me, your retreat guide!). No active creative work required, NOR is any yoga experience required. All is optional! We are all creative beings in the way we choose to live our daily lives.

Each retreat goer receives a beautiful Balinese aromatic massage (while gazing into a bowl of fresh flower petals!) … a fruit basket and gift bag awaits you upon arrival … and from all directions, the scent of frangipani and ylang ylang wafts into your cells as you take a break from winter … And SO MUCH MORE adventure and relaxation awaits!

Everything is optional

This retreat is for you, and the emphasis is SELF CARE. If the group is heading out for the day to explore and you want to stay in and rest, sleep, dream, have a cosmic colada while staring out to sea or take your own excursion around the island, that is YOUR prerogative! Also please note that my yoga instructing and all guest instructors are very careful and sensitive about self adjustments during yoga classes (like, probably none) unless requested. Also, if you want to opt out of any group activities, sharing sessions, writing practice, you will not be judged by any means. Also note that during group sharing, the sharing will be (kindly) timed so that no one speaks way more than the others and those who maybe wouldn’t share will always get a chance (or choose to pass). At this resort and during the retreat, there will be plenty of space to be on your own with built in breaks. Meals will be taken at the restaurant on you own timing during their regular dining schedule.

What is included

Our 7 nights and days together at Puri Dajuma Eco Resort and Spa (arrive Friday evening February 11th stay til the following Friday morning March 18th) include (activities subject to change):

  • Three nourishing organic meals each day from the resort’s award winning restaurant (the vegan and GF options are phenomenal!). Arrival evening and departure morning meal also included.
  • Round trip transportation from Bali Ngurah Rai / Denpasar International Airport (approx 3 hour drive from airport). *If arriving from elsewhere on island, this can also be arranged, potentially with an additional fee.
  • Daily* yoga classes (except for full day excursion + optional day of silence)
  • Meditation, Pranayama (conscious breathwork), and Yoga Nidra
  • Beautiful accommodation with private baths (some are outdoor!)
  • One aromatic Balinese massage
  • Visit to Rambut Siwi Temple at sunset
  • Excursion to WWF initiated sea turtle conservation programme at Perancak estuary
  • Visit to traditional Balinese market of Negara
  • Tour to the Bunut Bolong sacred Banyan Tree
  • Trek through plantation of clove, cacao, Bali coffee, mangosteen, durian, mango, snake fruit & jackfruit
  • Visit to Jeruk Manis waterfall for pristine afternoon swim
  • Optional day of silence / reflection
  • Dream work
  • Developing a Luscious Daily Home Practice workshop
  • Building Resilience workshop with Dr. Shawna Weaver
  • Mantras for the Heart, for Peace, and for the Planet workshop
  • Group sharing
  • Full moon intention setting ritual
  • Writing practice & guided writing prompts
  • Community beach clean up
  • Learn the art of Balinese flower arranging (Puri Dajuma staff)
  • Balinese dance lesson (guest instructor)
  • Balinese cooking class with Puri Dajuma chefs
  • Carving lesson with wood or stone (Puri Dajuma staff)
  • Swim in the sea or any of the three ocean-view pools
  • Sunsets!
  • And more
  • AND a gift basket of tropical fruits awaits you in your lovely room!

What isn’t included

  • Flights
  • Passport fee (please note your passport must be current and must not expire for 6 months after trip … also please note it is required you need a visa if you stay longer than 30 days in Bali)
  • Travel insurance (recommended!)
  • Medical care
  • Gratuity
  • Additional massage / bodywork / manicures / pedicures / spa treatments, etc.
  • Transport costs before or after retreat is finished (happy to help arrange transportation if you are staying on island longer or coming early)
  • Alcohol / minibar items / fancy coffees or smoothies, additional snacks beyond meals. Bali coffee, teas, juice, purified water are included.
  • SUP or surfboard rentals / lessons, additional excursions. Happy to help coordinate!

To Reserve

Double / Shared:  $1,695 due in full by December 1st, 2021 – Purchase HERE

Single $1,995 due in full by December 1st, 2021 –  Purchase HERE

$500 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot.  Payment plans available at no extra charge. Balance + remaining payment link will be sent to you after purchase. PURCHASE DEPOSIT HERE

If Paypal is not your desired payment processing option, I do accept Venmo to marybuemusic @


About your retreat guide Mary Bue

I am a lifelong musician, traveler, poet, journal writer, vegan, adventure seeker, solitude craver, and yoga instructor of 10+ years. I traveled – FINALLY – to Bali in 2019 for Jessa Walter’s Sacred Womxm’s Retreat in Ubud (who has graciously given her blessing for this retreat)!! I had been dreaming of traveling to Bali and finally took the leap of faith. It has proven to be fateful as I found myself for many days at Puri Dajuma Eco Resort and started planning to share my new-found and natural love of this island with others. I believe deeply in the richness of a creative life that is ever unfolding. One doesn’t have to play an instrument, write a novel, paint like Frida, or write like Mary Oliver to live a creative life. Every moment that unfolds offers opportunities to make something beautiful. While this may seem like a lot of pressure, rest in knowing that potential is ever unfolding, even in the silent and restorative times (like sleeping!). I look forward to sharing this beautiful and deeply relaxing place with you in 2020. Please let me know if you have ANY questions. I am pretty much an open book (most of which can be discovered in this website or listening to my music!). Contact me via the contact link here or at marybue @

About Guest Instructor Dr. Shawna Weaver

I have always been fascinated by how thriving people thrive. Without knowing how to put that interest to words I wandered through a labyrinth of early career choices in mental health, spirituality, athletics, music, and teaching. I came to realize that those who truly thrive do so by being in sync with their surroundings: they live sustainably. Sustainability includes good habits like reducing our wasteful consumption, but it’s so much more than that. To thrive is to create a holistically sustainable microcosm in which our weight on the planet is light, while our demands on our body, mind, and soul are supported. After burning myself out as a mental health therapist in my 20’s, I studied sustainability and wrote a dissertation on sustainable community building. Committing to sustainable living led me to yoga teacher training, writing, and sustainability consulting ( I am excited to lead us in a workshop to appraise and enrich our personal microcosms.


Reviews / Testimonies

*While this is a new retreat, please consider some reviews of my yoga instruction*

“I can’t speak highly enough of Mary’s yoga sessions. Not only does she create a laid back and welcoming atmosphere in her studio, but she has an incredible ability to be inclusive of all experience levels while also adding specific elements to a practice when requested by the group. Her sessions are seamless — she presents movements in an uncomplicated, calm, and clear manner, and she is the embodiment of a teacher in that she makes everything approachable while still challenging and beneficial. I personally wouldn’t practice yoga for years due to a lack of knowledge on the discipline as well as a general dislike for group-based workouts, but I was hooked after my first session in Mary’s “Yoga for the Absolute Beginner” series. After practicing with Mary for over a year now, I am in such better health; I’m in the best shape I’ve been in over five years, I was able to cancel two painful knee surgeries, and most importantly, the meditation aspects of Mary’s classes have carried over into the rest of my life, allowing me to experience much less stress than before. Mary is the real deal!” – Meghan Gantz – Advocacy Programs Coordinator – PAVSA

“Mary’s yoga instruction was perfect for my large group of teens.  Her instruction was clear, brief and engaging.  She chose poses which were easy enough for the beginner, and simultaneously offered challenge to those ready.  Even my challenging students who clamor for attention were engaged in her instruction.  Mostly, I am amazed with the positive environment Mary builds.  Her love of the practice is apparent and her enthusiasm is contagious”  –Tom Maloney – High school teacher at Harbor City International

“I had never taken a yoga class before and only signed up when I knew that Mary was teaching. I had been really intimated to try one but when I saw her class description it sounded so welcoming that I had to check it out! There is something so calming and positive about her as a performer and I just had a feeling that would translate to teaching. It did. She is so warm and welcoming. I have had some serious health issues and pain in the last few years which she knew about and she gave me advice for how much to try in class and when to take it slow.  The tone she set in class was relaxing and respectful of all levels and she uses her humor to make sure that everyone has a good time. There is a deep level of commitment and seriousness to her too though. She brings he same level of respect to her craft of teaching as she does to music. She’s never messing around!  I’m thrilled that Mary is going to be in Mpls now as it means I can take more classes and watch her grow!” – Katy Vernon,  Musician

“Mary’s loving energy yields a consistent quality class. Even if I’m distracted or otherwise not my best, I’m always 100% stoked I attended. Her smiling face is just as healing, refreshing, & uplifting as her practice. Sometimes she even blesses ya with a little song at the end. #iCryInSavasana”  – Hannah Rey Dunda,  Musician

“Mary is always non judgmental and supportive. She’s enthusiastic and her classes have incredible energy! They are often the highlight of my week!”  – Katie Eagle, Attorney

“I’ve practiced yoga under a few local instructors and Mary had by far been the most welcoming, supportive, enthusiastic & entertaining instructor. She is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to take suggestions based on folks needs and their abilities to do positions. When I leave a class I am Always looking forward to the next. She radiates positive vibes & will not disappoint!” – Melissa Alvar,  Volunteer Coordinator / Advocate / Artist

“Mary’s classes are so unique! She finds ways  to incorporate the positive energies from all around to enhance comfort in her class. I know when I am taking Mary’s classes that I’ll feel comfortable yet challenged, relaxed yet jazzed! No matter your ability, your size, or your strength Imbue Yoga’s approach will embrace you and make you feel at home!”  – Leslie Bruns-Fralich