Settling into the new norm: travel stories, recording update, Homegrown Fest Recap, and Upcoming Creativity + Yoga Retreat in Bali

Hello friends! This is gonna be a kind of long blog – a synthesis / digest of the last few email newsletters (please sign up for the newsletter here if you’d like an email from me once a month or so)! Feel free to skim to what interests you!!!

I spent the month of March 2019 traveling in Bali, Indonesia and a few cities in India.  I’d been home just a weeks when I wrote this … and honestly felt a bit in a cloud.  So much to process.  This was not a “vacation” per se,  but kind of an adventure travel,  cultural experience,  spiritual pilgrimage, and most definitely an escape from winter.  

Mary Bue Minneapolis Songwriter

This year was amazing and crazy! Thank you for being part of it! … December newsletter

Hi, dear music lover!

WOW it’s been an amazing 2017.¬† I am blown away that it is nearing the end.¬† I hope this note finds you doing so well,¬† having a moment to take a deep breath or two or three,¬† spend time with people and animals that you love,¬† be in nature,¬† be in the city,¬† be in your home,¬† be in your body.

I am above all super grateful that you have stuck with me,  heard my songs and followed along,  came to shows,  supported my kickstarter(s),  shared my music with friends,  and yes,  even listened on spotify (yes,  I have come around to loving spotify.  Follow here!)

As the Andrew Gold / The Golden Girls would sing,

“Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant
I’m not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won’t you stand up and take a bow”

Majesty of Beasts Poem


¬†Hi! I’d like to share with you the poem that became the lyrics to the title track of my last musical project “The Majesty of Beasts.” This song is about the beauty of the earth and its beings. It’s about humans wanting pretty things on their walls and in their bellies so much that we are devastating our beautiful home. It’s about violence. It’s about love. It’s about evolving beyond greed and recognizing the majesty of the earth so much that we can just let it¬†be majestic … (There is also a reference to The Walking Dead, which I am obsessed with – but I’m behind in the series cuz I only have watched it on Netflix. It’s killing me!!)

Mary Bue Minneapolis Singer Songwriter

Dreams of Babies

Last night I dreamt that I was super pregnant and about to have a baby. I was in the hospital with a sweet partner and my parents were there and it was ON.  I woke up from this dream bawling my head off.  WTF?

Why was I bawling? Because ¬†I’m 36 and no baby in sight, ¬†don’t know if it’s even possible? I don’t think that’s it — ¬†Babies haven’t always been a dream of mine, ¬†always a little indifferent about having one until recently when I’ve fallen in love with my friends’ kids and had inklings of how amazing it would be to have one. ¬†Later on in this day I went running 16 miles to train for a marathon and had a beer with my friend, and have been geeking out at the computer doing work for hours. ¬†I could not have this freedom with a newborn, no siree.

I’ve had baby dreams before. ¬†Usually these babies are tiny, ¬†smaller than the palm of my hand. ¬†In one dream I carried the baby around in a teacup, ¬†in another I kept her safe in a cough drop wrapper. ¬†In one dream she was in a glowing orb of white light.


I’ve written about my musical projects as babies before as well. ¬†Things to be protected in utero but released and let go to find their own ways in the world.

In real talk, ¬†I’ve been depressed and heartbroken. ¬†I’ve been working through heavy heart stuff and feeling like my life is sort of pointless. ¬†I feel like I’ve been fucked with and rattled around a lot this past year. ¬†I played a part in this, ¬†and trying to stay strong. ¬†The world is in such pain; ¬†our country is a total shitshow. ¬†It’s appalling.¬†¬†So do we stay depressed? ¬†Or do we take action? ¬†Do we melt in paralysis of fear, ¬†not leaving the house, ¬†not looking for love, ¬†avoiding being big & living out loud for fear of offending some lurking evil, ¬†sometimes as close to heart as friends or lovers?

What I’m taking from this dream is that I’ve got all these unborn babies waiting to see the light of day, ¬†ideas and songs and books and blogs and paintings and poems. ¬†If I sit paralyzed in fear and pain all I’m gonna do is stuff myself with vegan quesadillas and gain 20 pounds back and cry in a corner. ¬†I’m sick of it. ¬†Real or imagined babies need us to do the work of making this planet more beautiful. ¬†With our art, ¬†with our action, ¬†with our hope, ¬†with our compassion. ¬†With community, ¬†with peaceful gatherings, ¬†with conversations, ¬†with healthy boundaries, ¬†with deep solitude, ¬†with therapy, ¬†with poetry, ¬†with film, ¬†with song. ¬†No more time to waste moping. ¬†May your babies real or dreamy sleep sweetly tonight …

Painting of Tori Amos by Mary ūüėČ

Mary Bue The Current Minneapolis Instant Band

July Newsletter: Minneapolis love & sail the unsalted sea with me


Hiya friends,

Hope you’re full up of summer loving, ¬†good tunes, ¬†dips in lakes and seas, ¬†and going easy on yourselves. ¬†It’s all manic or go home in Minnesota. ¬†We burn ourselves out in these warm months like crazy bears gorging out on berries and then we can hibernate during the winter and long for the hot summer days. ¬†Don’t I know it!!!

Been an exciting time around here! ¬†Last month I did this crazy thing with¬†89.3 The Current¬†called¬†“The Current Instant Band”¬†where we were basically puppets to a live facebook audience, ¬†telling us what to sing, ¬†what genres to play, ¬†when to take a solo. ¬†Little do you know that I am terrified of improvisation. ¬†Every since my first piano lessons, ¬†ever since being in 6th grade jazz band and then freezing like a deer in headlights at the concert during my “Hang on Sloopy” solo time. ¬†Ask any bandmate. ¬†So this was a crazy leap for me. ¬†Very fun, though, ¬†i surprised myself. ¬†It’s only taken me 20 years of performing to get there. HA!

Mary Bue Music Holy Bones on Piano Album

New Music, Old Music, New Mexico – April Newsletter

Hello dear,

What’s UP???! ¬†Hope your spring has been fruitful, ¬†or at least blossoming with much fruit to come. ¬†Cherry blossoms popped in Taos last week and then it snowed real heavy, ¬†blocking the mountain passes, ¬†knocking down tree limbs and making the trail along the rio grande mush mush mush! ¬†But there is springtime deep down in the dirt, ¬†like 8 feet of snow sings:

“heart so deep, so wild and strong
it beats so fast, it carries on
the heat sighs like a tired woman
rises through the cracks
brings whiskey to her lips
and sips and waits for the burn
like we all have to wait our turn
a new reason to move on with the hurt
there‚Äôs springtime deep down in the dirt”

Mary Bue hiking Devisadero trail during Artist in Residence

Thoughts on Devisadero

Thoughts on the trail during my artist residency …

I just crested staying over two months in Taos, New Mexico as an Artist in Residence at the Wurlitzer Foundation. ¬†A few days after I arrived here I sought out the Devisadero Loop Trail, ¬†a section / foothill of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. ¬†It begins around 7,000 feet above sea level and makes its way to 8,300 feet. ¬†Needless to say, ¬†my Minnesota lungs were winded. ¬†I was such a PILE on the first hike. ¬†Took me 2.5-3 hours and I was exhausted on those early days of being here. ¬†Now I’m run/hiking it, ¬†and just had my best time at 1:10.

‚ÄúDevisadero” has a few searchable meanings – could be from the Spanish word for ‘division.’ The forest service says it means “lookout place”¬†and that “the peak had once been used by the Taos Pueblo Indians to stand guard against the Apaches who would come down Taos Canyon to raid the Pueblo.” Or it might be from the word divisar, meaning similarly ‘to gaze at something from a distance.’