April 2020 Newsletter:Post-Bali apocalypse + new album news + internet yoga 😱

Dear friends in music, 

How ARE YOU!!!!????

It has been over three months since I’ve written,  just like I promised!!! I hope you are doing okay … as well as can be expected.  There is so much happening right now,  I can barely wrap my brain and heart around it.  I oscillate between grief,  nostalgia,  deep missing,  total bliss for having such spacious time,  and then confusion as to what day it is and as to how did this all happen? Oh,  I know — we were all grinding SO HARD.  Industrial revolution,  tech expansion,  growth growth faster faster higher more concrete more steel more faster better taller more straight lines more people on top of each other let’s cut down all the forests let’s eat food out of boxes that we create in labs let’s pump our animals with drugs and artificially inseminate them for our cereal and our bones let’s mine deep into the earth so that we can stay connected virtually at a very fast speed when we all get stuck at home because of this virus … there are so many meanings,  it is tragic as fuck, and I don’t claim to know ANYTHING ABOUT IT,  only that I had to come home from Bali two weeks early due to an order from the United States government that said if I don’t come home ASAP with whatever means possible,  I’d better prepare to stay for an indefinite amount of time … 

Believe me,  I wanted to stay in Bali. 

But,  there are many things I love here,  and I want to remain in Bali’s good graces … eventually to stay there as long as possible … inching towards moving there for at least half of the year … I made friends, met musicians,  started learning indonesian language,  and fell in love with the beauty, the plants, the people,  the smells,  the sun, the sea.  Oh, my heart!!! But my roots are in Minnesota,  and the lakes and rivers and streams are like my veins.  These friends and family are my bones.  

Anyway … it’s been 11 days alone,  sheer and utter solitude in my home,  self-quarantined but helping myself to Facetiming friends and online yoga and grocery and beer delivery and running around the lake and creeks at a safe distance (?) from people … 

And so,  I have some online offerings for YOU! 

For entertainment,  for your body,  for your spirit.  Teaching three online yoga classes per week,  and a few web concerts coming up. The nice thing about all of this online stuff is that it is SO low pressure.  You just log on,  see if it’s working for you,  join in as you like,  drink your coffee,  and maybe send a donation. 

LIVE YOGA on the internet

Join musician & yogi Mary Bue from anywhere in the world that has internet for a 75 minute yoga class from the comfort of your own home! This practice will include a low intensity flowing sequence – beginners ALWAYS welcome – mantras for peace and protection, and a simple guided meditation. Can’t wait to practice with you!

Viniyoga Flow, Mantra & Meditation

FRIDAYS 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
7am Pacific
10am Eastern
7:30pm India
10pm Bali

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 650 385 036
Password: 161686


SUNDAYS at 4:30pm CST
Meeting ID: 840 527 748
Password: 074477

It is FREE and easy to set up a zoom account – just head to https://zoom.us/signup and fill in the blanks.

This class is free / by donation. If you would like to donate any amount that feels fun, YAY! Suggested $10-20.

VENMO @marybue / marybue@gmail.com

PAYPAL marybue@gmail.com


For their zoom link and schedule + payment info: 

Yay!  I’m a Mizuno Running Artist Ambassador!

What the hell does that mean?  It means Mizuno noticed that I LOVE running and that it fuels my creativity,  and so they asked if I would join their crew and try out their amazing shoes and gear and *hopefully* a Mizuno sponsored race event this year if we can gather together again.  Please tune in tomorrow, Friday April 3rd 12pm EST (11am CST) to their IGTV (instagram TV – you don’t have to have instagram to watch) and I’ll sing a few songs and chat about how running fuels my creativity! Tune in here: https://www.instagram.com/mizunorunningnorthamerica/channel/


I am taking limited online music and yoga clients.  Do you want to learn piano, guitar, ukulele, guitar?  Receive yoga / meditation / mantra instruction? My roster is filling in this new reality but have space for a few more!  Check out marybue.com/teaching for info.  You can be anywhere in the world – that’s the cool thing!  Please note my sliding scale is now $25 to $50 per half hour lesson to honor this weird time. Some of us are working,  some of us aren’t.   If you’re interested,  shoot me an email and we’ll work it out if I’m not booked up!  


ALBUM RELEASE May 22nd at Hook and Ladder Theatre & Lounge

We are planning on this actually happening … SO BUY A TICKET!  If it is postponed,  then you’ll still be able to come (or a refund). Click on that fun image of the vinyl for a teaser listen of four of the songs off the new album including these spicy numbers:
The Hanged Man
You Fuck Me Up
I Don’t Need 

And if you like what you hear,  I beg you,  please pre-order the CD or Vinyl!  Goddess knows I’m not making any gig money right now,  and need to pay for the vinyl duplication and promo … It is the best record I’ve ever made,  maybe even the best THING I’ve ever made.  If you don’t like it,  well,  what’s $10-$20 these days anyway?  Sell it at cheapo.  I don’t know!  Lol.  THANK YOU! I HOPE YOU LOVE IT!!! I’m SO PROUD!!!

And the incredible Alan Sparhawk from Low and gorgeous eerie folk band Superior Siren are joining on the show – if that isn’t better endorsement, then fuck!!!

That is all for now

I have many stories and hopes and dreams to share.  
Bali was amazing. India was amazing.  

I have a book to write (while Dr. McClure is still offering to be my editor, LO!).  I have a few e-courses in the works and a whole weekend long training for Mantra / the Yoga of Sound in development.  There are some really special retreats in the works.  Back to Bali,  to Italy!!! To New Mexico,  to Grand Marais.  But … it just all doesn’t seem real right now.  I’ll be writing in a few weeks with more stories.  

If you would REALLY like to see how all the travels went,  you could join my Patreon community!!!  I wrote these generous souls weekly,  with poems and photos and videos and songs.  Even $1 / month helps a shit ton since I’m not getting gigs these days.  

At $5 / month you’ll get the new vinyl,  AND an archive of recorded yoga classes to download as they arise if you can’t make the live sessions.  That’s like $5 / month online gym membership.  Holy!!

Patreon.com/marybue – check it.  


Get therapy. I’m fucking serious!  
I had an amazing session this morning over the computer.  Google hangouts or zoom or facetime,  whatever.  We are digging into the depths right now.  Be [gentle] with yourself.  Take this time and space to dig a little bit.  What is really important?  What needs love?  We all need so much love and self-forgiveness right now.  How did we get here?  Collectively?  Open yourself to grace.  There is so much beauty,  there is so much pain.  This is life; this is death.  And everything in between. 

BIG LOVE, mary

Creativity and Yoga Retreat in Taos, New Mexico June 3-7th 2020 – Still on,  but tenuous … I’ll decide by April 15th … 

Thrilled to announce this creativity retreat in another of my favorite places on the planet – Taos, NM.  This is the southwest dreamscape that we always fantasize of and may forever long for. These are the landscapes of rich red dirt in Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, the Long Quiet Highway of Natalie Goldberg’s books, and that which inspires hundreds of artists, creators, mystics, and nature lovers every year.Taos is an artistic goldmine within a small and evolving population of 6,000. Home of Unesco World Heritage Site Taos Pueblo – a living Native American community that has been inhabited for over 1,000 years – this landscape is rich with tradition, sacred mystery, reverence, and (maybe quite literally) humming with creativity.Explore how a sacred landscape can inspire lasting, incredibly unique, and awe-inspiring beauty. Explore how a landscape within can reveal the same. In this retreat, we will venture to internal depths and gaze into literal external depths (deep into the Rio Grande river gorge!). We’ll learn about how sustainable, creative, and adaptable humans can be. We’ll bask in our own deep pools of unending bliss while soaking in fabulous mineral hot springs under the full high desert moon.  

I can’t wait to share time with you there.  I fell deeply in love with it as an Artist in Residence at The Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico in 2017 and have visited numerous times.  I crave it.  All are welcome on this retreat.  Learn more here! Marybue.com/Taos
Yours in Creativity and BIG LOVE! Mary

November Newsletter! About “The World is Your Lover,” Kickstarter Update & Shows

Hey you,

I’ve got the magic hour candle burning.  The laundry is whipping around.  The sink is full of dishes.  I finally vacuumed my car out from the summer.  I feel like a bachelor (pardon the stereotype),  living off clif bars and pizza luce and refried beans.  It’s all good stuff,  but damn it’s been a lot of stuff!

I hope you’ve had more time for self care then me!  I plan to sleep more … once I finish this kickstarter,  record this album,  and complete the last season of The Walking Dead. :O) This weekend heading to teach at a yoga retreat,  so that should help!

Crashing Into Nature: Survivor Guilt and Butterflies

Good morning to you on World Mental Health Day.  I want to re-post a piece I wrote for an excellent local mental health organization called Dissonance and share with you some struggles I had as a teen,  which sometimes linger and loiter into my adult years.

This blog was originally posted on the wonderful Dissonance blog,  a mental health + creativity support organization whose mission is as follows “Dissonance examines the intersection of creativity and wellbeing, working to create safe spaces, smash social stigmas, and shape education and business practices relating to mental health, addiction, and compassion in the arts. In short, we want to contribute to a healthier environment in the arts community. Collectively, we need to find new ways to support, sustain, and celebrate creativity.”

Please be sure to follow their work,  check out their programming,  and enjoy their blog at www.dissonance.website

Crashing into Nature: Survivor Guilt and Butterflies

I could easily say, “I wasn’t your normal American teenager,” but I don’t think there is such a thing as a “normal teenager” … or even “normal” in general. Sometimes I’ve heard that your first trauma is where you might stay stuck developmentally. And I wonder if that’s why often I feel reckless and distracted, and consistently on an emotional roller coaster, like the 16-year-old I was when I rolled my parents’ Buick LeSabre and hung upside down by my seat belt while the trance music blasted and the car interior bathed eerie electric green from the clock on the dash.

Gaelynn Lea’s Learning How to Stay cuts through the fog – album review

Gaelynn Lea’s Learning How to Stay cuts through the fog

It’s the eve of the fall equinox and my self-diagnosed SAD is kicking in. The past week has been all rain and thunder and bluster. More chances to stay inside with the tea kettle and contemplate the cold cruel world. I keep returning to a song, over an over, and it is Gaelynn Lea’s Moment of Bliss.

Mary Bue Patreon Minneapolis Singer Songwriter

The New Frontier, The Wild West

The New Frontier,
The Wild West

Hello dear music friend,

Last weekend I took a trip out west with my new beau.  It wasn’t super far west,  but a good 9 hours from Minneapolis to Western North Dakota where the landscape changes to plateaus and buttes and miles and grasslands.  Majestic beast roam:  Bison,  Elk, Wild Horse,  and Coyote howls.  The moon switched to new,  and a full day was spent walking to get water from a spring and then walking back to camp.  For some people,  this is their life …

“I Have Wrestled With The Angel And I Am Stained With Light” – Mary Oliver / April 2018 Newsletter

Good morning, sunshine …

To begin,  a quote by Mary Oliver from a stirring article twitter brought to my awareness via Brian Pickings:

“It is six A.M., and I am working. I am absentminded, reckless, heedless of social obligations, etc. It is as it must be. The tire goes flat, the tooth falls out, there will be a hundred meals without mustard. The poem gets written. I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and I have no shame. Neither do I have guilt. My responsibility is not to the ordinary, or the timely. It does not include mustard, or teeth. It does not extend to the lost button, or the beans in the pot. My loyalty is to the inner vision, whenever and howsoever it may arrive. If I have a meeting with you at three o’clock, rejoice if I am late. Rejoice even more if I do not arrive at all.” – Mary Oliver


Mary Bue Minneapolis Taos

What last year brought … sadness, bliss, beauty

2017 started in Taos, New Mexico and 2018 started there too. The months in-between were many … mostly midwestern, and very full. The times in Taos, though, have been enchanted beyond measure. Slower. Like honey and sun setting on high desert mesa. It is a true pleasure and a gift to have spent some time here to bookend a wild ass year. And don’t get me wrong – Minnesota makes up my bones. Taos might be some of the electricity in my neurons, though. Seattle is the rivers and canals of my blood.

Pics by Jason Huntzinger

Rewind to February 2016. It was the week before Valentine’s day. I was still married. I woke up and sat in our cluttered sun room / music room / cocktail corner and decided it was time to document my sexual assault experience in a song. I was assaulted in 2005, in February, in Miami, Florida, by my friend’s boss. It was only a few weeks after i had done a month long Artist in Residence on florida’s gulf coast. i was 25. I was so high on life and so excited to create. And then … I was violated. I kept that experience close to my vest for 11 years until that frozen February morning in Duluth when I wrote about it in a song.