Life Update & New Headshot!

💖 Life update + New Headshot! Hi lovies … on this gorgeous August day leading up to the new moon in Leo I wanna share an update in tandem with this new headshot from a shoot with incredible Ilia Stockert ~ working on promo shots for the new album ~ hopeful early 2024 release!
I wanted to share as brief as possible here (it’s been quite a heavy deliberation situation) some big news and a change of heart.
So grateful and elated to share that while I was accepted into a Ph.D. program in Depth Psychology this fall, I have decided to withdraw my acceptance and not pursue the degree at this time. It has been an extremely challenging decision that catapulted me into a bit of an identity crisis … (identity crisis #108, let’s be real)!
Ultimately, as Cyndi Lauper says (and my mentor Dr. Bud McClure aptly quoted to me) “Money changes everything.” The 5 year doctorate program would cost me basically everything and I would be paying it off until I die, and probably after.
I wanted to do this degree not only for a deep love of learning and wild interest in the topic, but also to be able to provide more tools to the clients at retreats and in my teaching. So much hard shit comes up and I want to offer the safest, most legit container a human possibly can. I care for the safety and well-being of all who come on these retreats and I just see some of the weird-ass spiritual/life coaching going on out there and want to be so so so responsible. I also recognize that I am human, and can’t hold it all. I also recognize that this is part ego striving.
My heroes are mostly musicians and artists. And all my life I’ve only ever wanted to thrive as an artist and musician and writer (and later, teacher). I am free falling into the trust that The Artist’s Way is My Way, and the concerts this weekend and this past spring & summer have been thrilling to fall into.
Feeling the love, and feeling the hope. Pulling out of some hard and dark feelings. Working on healing my trauma, and going to take the time to write, sing, cry, and be with it. The new album “The Wildness of Living and Dying” is about this. Softening into it. Thank you, deeply, for your support and love.