For Lovers of Covers and Classic Country

Hiiiii! Happy SPRING! 

Thanks for checking out this blog!  The wind is whipping on the second official day of spring.  Yesterday I went to TWO FIRES!  Two spring equinox fire gatherings outdoor, social distanced with some wonderful humans.  We slege-hammered some shit and burned it and it was SO FUN. Hope you’re burning what no longer serves you,  too.  With love and kindness,  of course. 

TODAY – if you’re a fan of classic country,  this might be the best day of your life. 

Tune into a very special day of programming on Grand Marais, MN’s WTIP North Shore Community Radio to celebrate DJ Rainbow Trout.  My friends Ivy & Arne Vainio along with David Huckfelt welcomed my band to share a classic country cover song for Rainbow Trout’s birthday celebration tribute today.  We went a little sideways from there with a rocking Loretta Lynn song.  Tune in Sunday, March 21st 6-9pm CST to for interviews with all of these fabulous musicians in the poster below — friends like Low and Gaelynn Lea,  Brothers Burn Mountain,  Charlie Parr,  and so many more.  The celebration is already happening NOW so turn your radio or streaming aparatus on! Thank you Ivy & all!  This WILL be archived (pardon me since I’m just bloggin this out now!)

If you like cover songs in general: 

I’ve been recording lots of pandemic covers for my YouTube channel!  I learn the song that day and make a pretty raw video,  for whatever I’m feeling in that song.  I used to have a deep resistance to covers … cuz I’d rather write my own and throw a tomato at the guy who yells “Free Bird.”  But it has felt so good and dare I say healing this year to sink into the vibration of great songwriters. 

I’ve covered Bob Dylan,  GIllian Welch,  Sarah McLachlan, Wilco,  Joni Mitchell,  Willie Nelson,  Dr. Dog,  Radiohead,  David Byrne,  Townes Van Zandt,  Fleetwood Mac, and more to come.  If that interests you,  check it out and hit the red “subscribe” button!  Thank you so much!

Mary Bue Fun with Covers Playlist Here

Social media break* for a bit! 

I’m taking a time out from social media (mostly) and thinking about how I approach communication.  I had been spending upwards of 4 hours a day on social media.  Everything I do as a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” (as Marie Forleo says) requires promotion,  but it was taking up so much head and heart space.  If you miss me,  well,  good!  If you want more inside scoop (I JUST RECORDED A NEW SONG DEMO FOR SINGLE!!!) please consider joining my Patreon behind-the-scenes membership! WOOT!

I put an asterisk because I have to pop in and promote a few things from time to time … like this RETREAT to Italy in May with my friend Sarah Brokke! 

If you would like to be informed about the details before we announce registration info to the public,  put your email in this google form here.  There has been a TON of interest already – we are blown AWAY.  Sarah is an artist and art professor at College of St. Scholastica and has published two books and also painted that insanely magical intense portrait of me last year! Check out here work here:

Can’t wait to get the retreats flowing again … we are hopeful and optimistic about the months ahead … 

Bali registration is open for Feb 2022!  Taos is sold out!  And Grand Marais Nov 2021 info will be coming in April.  

I thought I’d be brief,  but of course I wasn’t. 

Anyway!  I miss seeing you at shows and things … may we safely gather together again soon!  I’m 50% vaxx’d!

So much love to all of you,  and extra love to those who have suffered losses,  health & well-being issues,   and lost loved ones this year. My heart goes out to you.