Pre-order The World is Your Lover & tune in for its radio debut

Dear friend in music,

Mary the squeaky wheel here!  Hope you are doing wonderfully and hope you enjoyed those little snow flurries if you’re in Minnesota.  TOO EARLY.  Ei Carumba! 

Quick little note to say that my new single – the title track for The World is Your Lover is going to debut on Minnesota radio stations this week (and streaming everywhere that the internet is alive!) Tuesday on KFAI Womenfolk Radio Show 2:30pm // Thursday KAXE 4:30pm // Sunday The Current “The Local Show”

The album doesn’t drop until May 22nd 2020 (Save the date,  Hook & Ladder Minneapolis!) — and your preorder helps me to know how many albums to print and helps fund the printing of the album in general!!!  

Preorder the new album and get a download of the new single immediately! 

Since it’s gonna hit the airwaves this week,  I wanted to make the album available for pre-order and you get a digital download of the new song when you preorder!  Hear it first before the rest of the world,  yeah?  Or at least Minnesota …  or at least hear it before whoever happens to be listening to those stations … 

Release date: May 22nd 2020

Preorder the CD here and receive a download of the title track The World is Your Lover upon purchase receipt (track download link will be listed in your receipt)

This CD will be mailed out to you mid-May 2020

The digital pre-order will be available in February 🙂 

© Mary Bue 2019 ASCAP

Produced by Steve Price & Mary Bue
Recorded & Mastered by Steve Price*

*All piano and drums recorded by Tom Herbers & Steve Price at Creation Audio

*”My Ego is Huge” recorded and mastered by Jake Larson at Sacred Heart Studio

“Insider” recorded and mastered by Tom Herbers at Creation Audio

  • Piano & Vocals: Mary Bue
  • Guitar: Jeremy Ylviskaker
  • Bass: Steve Price
  • Drums: Richard Medek
  • Violin: Shannon Frid-Rubin
  • Cello: Julia Floberg
  • Trumpet: Stephan Kung
  • Harmonies on “Shit Storm” by Crystal Meisinger
  • Harmonies & guitar on “Competition” & “I Don’t Need” by Adam Levy
  • Harmonies on “Insider” by Alan Sparhawk


Mary Bue’s 8th album is full of power pop,  piano dream waves,  and layers and layers of shimmery 90’s influenced guitars to defy and even proudly display the battle scars.  Rising out of the trauma of sexual assault as mentioned in her 2017 EP The Majesty of Beasts, divorce from her husband and bandmate,  the opening and closing of her yoga studio,  and venturing out into an unknown future this album is a testament that life provides us with myriad opportunities to grow,  learn,  deepen,  and love.  Joined by new bandmates Jeremy Ylvisaker (The Suburbs, Andrew Bird,  HALEY,  Jenny Lewis, Alpha Consumer), Steve Price (The Suburbs,  Rex Daisy),  Richard Medek (Kevin Costner (!),  Eric Koskinen,  Molly, Maher) and occasional string section Julia Floberg (Delphia Cello Quartet, Mestofonia) & Shannon Frid-Rubin (Cloud Cult, batterboy),  this is a band fit for a kingdom,  newly dubbed Mary Bue & the Monarchy.  Her new album will also feature cameos from Low’s Alan Sparhawk and Adam Levy (The Honeydogs).  I am so grateful to many of you for raising nearly $9,000 to cover the costs of the recording!  The recording ended up costing around $15,000.  That doesn’t include the printing of t shirts,  lyrics books,  or the albums themselves,  so your preorder is greatly greatly GREATLY appreciated!!  If you just want the digital track and not the CD,  you can purchase that here.  I know this is all very sale-sy but it is a business after all! 🙂 Thank you. 

Hope you are all amazing and thanks ALWAYS for reading!!

Hope to see you at Hook and Ladder on WEDNESDAY! And if you don’t live in MN,  maybe try streaming KFAI or KAXE (details below again) on Tues or Thursday for an interview and to hear the new track! 




October 15th // EVERYWHERE // 90.3FM // Live in-studio performance on Womenfolk Radio // 4:30pm CST // STREAM HERE

October 16th // Minneapolis, MN // Hook & Ladder Mission Room Fall Residency  // Minneapolis  7pm (with string section Shannon Frid-Rubin,  Julia Floberg & harmonies by Crystal Meisinger as well as bass by Steve Price & Drums by Richard Medek) // INFO

October 17th // EVERYWHERE // Live on KAXE 91.7 Grand Rapids, MN // 2:30pm CST // STREAM HERE

October 17th // Grand Rapids, MN // Reif Center for Performing Arts // 7pm // TIX

October 25th // Roseau, MN // Roseau City Hall, Roseau, MN // Mantras for Peace,  Healing, and Community + Gong Bath w/ Michele Anderson (part of a yoga workshop weekend) 7pm // For info go contact Desi Klimesh ~ Yoga Tree via FACEBOOK INVITE

SPECIAL OFFER through October:  “Live at the Mission Room” album  

Before the official album comes out,  I’m super excited to release an exclusive digital album to my Patreon friends and members if you sign up before the end of October!  It will be “Live at the Mission Room” – 10 songs recorded during our four month residency this fall,  graciously recorded by Henri Minette.  In this you will get some banter,  some special guest appearances,  and hear how some new and old songs sound in a live setting.  I’ve never had a live album and I’m so excited to share it with you!  This is only available to members of my Patreon community at the $5+ level — plus you’ll get lots of other goodies like vinyl,  zines,  exclusive feed,  poems,  artwork samples,  seasonal show broadcasts,  discounts on merch,  opportunities for free show tickets.  If that sounds interesting to you,  check it out here!  Patreon is such an awesome way to support the artists you love DIRECTLY.  Search for all your favorite creatives there! Click here to check out my Patreon. More rambling about Patreon at the bottom of this email.  So grateful to my small and mighty 20+ members there.  It is like a Kickstarter but offering more sustainable,  on going support.  WOO HOO!

NEW Creativity and Yoga Retreat in Taos, New Mexico June 3-7th 2020!

Thrilled to announce this creativity retreat in another of my favorite places on the planet – Taos, NM.  This is the southwest dreamscape that we always fantasize of and may forever long for. These are the landscapes of rich red dirt in Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, the Long Quiet Highway of Natalie Goldberg’s books, and that which inspires hundreds of artists, creators, mystics, and nature lovers every year.

Taos is an artistic goldmine within a small and evolving population of 6,000. Home of Unesco World Heritage Site Taos Pueblo – a living Native American community that has been inhabited for over 1,000 years – this landscape is rich with tradition, sacred mystery, reverence, and (maybe quite literally) humming with creativity.

Explore how a sacred landscape can inspire lasting, incredibly unique, and awe-inspiring beauty. Explore how a landscape within can reveal the same. In this retreat, we will venture to internal depths and gaze into literal external depths (deep into the Rio Grande river gorge!). We’ll learn about how sustainable, creative, and adaptable humans can be. We’ll bask in our own deep pools of unending bliss while soaking in fabulous mineral hot springs under the full high desert moon.  

I can’t wait to share time with you there.  I fell deeply in love with it as an Artist in Residence at The Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico in 2017 and have visited numerous times.  I crave it.  All are welcome on this retreat.  Learn more here!

Yours in Creativity and BIG LOVE!