Hey you,

I’ve got the magic hour candle burning.  The laundry is whipping around.  The sink is full of dishes.  I finally vacuumed my car out from the summer.  I feel like a bachelor (pardon the stereotype),  living off clif bars and pizza luce and refried beans.  It’s all good stuff,  but damn it’s been a lot of stuff!

I hope you’ve had more time for self care then me!  I plan to sleep more … once I finish this kickstarter,  record this album,  and complete the last season of The Walking Dead. :O) This weekend heading to teach at a yoga retreat,  so that should help!

Thank you IMMENSELY to everyone who has supported my new album so far!  I have a lot of good work cut out for me!  Sat down with Steve and Mike last week to talk through some of the songs and we begin recording for REALS on 11/19!

The fundraising effort goes until the end of this month and we are almost at 60%!!! If you’re considering chipping in for a shirt,  lyric book,  painting,  song,  house concert, music lessons,  yoga lessons,  or the private fancy concert,  no time like the present! Thank you SO MUCH for considering.  All the details are here! http://kck.st/2OdOXR6

I’m in the midst of writing thank you’s to everyone who has backed thus far — heading out sort of off grid this weekend,  but will personally thank you SOON!  And hey,  thanks to people for reminding me about what’s important in their lives.  I have a lot of balls in the air and I like it that way,  but sometimes I miss stuff.  Reminders are great!!!

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure –  Pic by Jason Huntzinger

Silly casual house concert …

Last weekend i spontaneously hosted a Facebook Live house concert to promote this campaign.  Lots of chatting about who is involved in the album,  sticking my face up in the grill to read the comments and try and say hi to all the friends jumping in,  and playing some songs on piano,  guitar, and uke for you.  If you feel like watching or re-watching,  it’s on my Youtube channel here for a limited time!  Lots of giggling and dorkiness.  Enjoy.

Click on the pic or here to watch 🙂

About the title track …

Something I’ve come to find over the years is that the songs sometimes have minds of their own,  sometimes are prophetic,  sometimes I don’t know what the hell they mean until years later.  Recently,  I set out writing a particular song for someone special and numerous ideas came to mind.  The song morphed into a song about me and my shit … And then it morphed into a song about the greater human experience / crisis.  But the crux of this song is to choose love,  and keep moving forward,  and keep making mistakes and learning from them,  because that is how we grow.  That is how I learn,  and damn am I learning!  And it sucks sometimes!  And I know I’ve changed, and you’ve changed,  and we have to change and age like the delicacies that we are … But somehow gotta keep going,  friending ourself,  doing the best we can.  Hence,  this album’s title track is born.

Here are the lyrics:

The World is Your Lover
you sat and waited for a bus a train a plane to nowhere
you saw it coming for a long time then forgot about it
how many times does one forget, explain, and start it over
you took a break, you searched your soul
and now the world’s your lover

you stared at screens and books and pictures til you got a vision
a waterfall of magic running down,  sweet juicy nothings
but they weren’t nothings – they were something big and don’t forget it
you took a break, you searched your soul
and now the world’s your lover

what you’re trying to get away with
you gotta follow, follow your bliss – that’s what this is

your head is bowed in sadness, grief, and loss
you feel it baby
the failures stack, you’ve tried a thousand times and nothing’s sticking
that lovely moment when you let it go and feel forgiveness
untie your hands and throw them up because the world’s your lover

what you’re trying to get away with
you gotta follow, follow your bliss – that’s what this is

With that,  hope you’re following your bliss …

… and forgiving yourself,  giving yourself some grace for your human nature 🙂

Thank you SO much for reading these things and to all 90 of you backers so far for throwing down hard earned cash on this album.  There are 21 days left to support it and $10 goes a long way!!! And of course sharing this project on your social medias is is super super valuable to me and means A LOT to my heart!  🙂  And non-action is fine too – I know your plate might be full!  We all do our best,  and as is hip to say these days, you do you!


Mary 🙂


Sunday, November 18th – Millie’s 5th Annual Birthday Show

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
501 West 78th Street
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Dinner available 5:00-6:30 PM
Opening act during dinner

Show 6:15-8:30 PM The second of two musical shows to benefit the Heart Clinic and Music Therapy programs at Children’s Minnesota.

Performances by Matt Muller, Millie Muller w/Maddie Grecco Rosen & Evvie Peterson, Scottie Devlin, Mary Bue, Billy Johnson, Ali Gray, Pushing Chain, and more!

Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door
Purchase tickets here

Saturday, December 8th: Private Kickstarter Backer Concert & Party at Imbue Yoga Studio

For backers who pick the $50 reward (or higher – I bet we can squeeze you in!)  Purchase this at the Rewards section of my Kickstarter Campaign!

http://kck.st/2OdOXR6 – More info here – scroll down to the $50 reward or maybe it would be fun to do another reward if you like!



THE WORLD IS YOUR LOVER – Sundays in January Residency at Aster Cafe

Join Mary Bue Music every Sunday in January accompanied by a rotating full band consisting of some of the most talented players in town.

With special guests…
1/6 Ice Palace
1/13 Molly Maher
1/20 Ryan And Pony
1/27 Dylan Hicks

Music 8-10pm

Save your spot at AsterCafe.com
$8 Cover charges on the tab.

THURSDAYS in JANUARY RESIDENCY at 318 Cafe in Excelsior, MN


With Special Guests:
1/3 Jillian Rae
1/10 Dylan Hicks
1/17 Stephanie Rearick
1/24 TBD