Hi, dear music lover!

WOW it’s been an amazing 2017.  I am blown away that it is nearing the end.  I hope this note finds you doing so well,  having a moment to take a deep breath or two or three,  spend time with people and animals that you love,  be in nature,  be in the city,  be in your home,  be in your body.

I am above all super grateful that you have stuck with me,  heard my songs and followed along,  came to shows,  supported my kickstarter(s),  shared my music with friends,  and yes,  even listened on spotify (yes,  I have come around to loving spotify.  Follow here!)

As the Andrew Gold / The Golden Girls would sing,

“Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant
I’m not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won’t you stand up and take a bow”

I wish you the must succulent of 2018s and the most graceful endings of 2017.  I wish you love,  sweetness,  lightness.  I hope you laugh 75% more that you are.  Maybe even 90% more.  I’m really grateful to be laughing more these days 🙂 I hope you smile without trying at strangers,  children,  animals, and your crew.  I hope you find ecstasy riding the city bus.  I hope your heart is glowing for all that is.  Thank you. Peace to you!


FEEL FREE to exit now – just wanted to let you know how much I adore you and am thankful for you!  Much much gratitude and love,  read on if you wanna!  XOXOXO MARY

One more show of this year – TOMORROW – FRIDAY 12/29 – full band in Minneapolis with some wonderful usual suspects 😉  Playing with my pal Niki Becker and Harper – of which both I am very excited to hear!

A few of 2017’s highlights

(like the braggy longwinded christmas card i never got around to writing … )

I’ll write a little retrospective on the blog next week when I’m in TAOS!!!! (PS PLAYING IN TAOS at the Taos Mesa Taproom on Weds 1/03 – please share with your people in New Mexico!)

JAN-APRIL 2017 – Artist in Residence at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico — incredible,  healing time.  Unbelievable peace,  the smell of the desert,  camaraderie with incredible creatives,  the rio grande gorge,  the devisidero trail … mmmmmmm … 3 months to sleep,  write,  be,  cry,  sing,  fall in love with being alone.

MAY – EP release for The Majesty of Beasts,  began advanced yoga teacher training at Yoga Center of Mpls, and had an amazing whirlwind challenging beautiful tragic trip to Costa Rica …

JUNE – Imbue Yoga Studio’s first anniversary!  And The Majesty of Beasts made Star Tribune’s “Best Local Albums of the Year (so far)” EEEEEK!

JULY –  SEPTEMBER I have no idea what happened … except for the Aster Cafe residency w/ Molly Maher,  Adam Levy,  Charlie Parr!

OCTOBER – Ran Twin Cities Marathon!!!

AND The Electric Witch – the other band I’m in (total dark wild awesome synthesized project,  brainchild of Zac Bentz)  – put out a spooky video!  Watch here.

NOVEMBER – 2 major amazing things in my world:

1. Awarded Community Ally of the Year via PAVSA – Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault.  This was truly one of the biggest honors of my life.  If you are seeking out a cause to donate to before the year is over,  please consider helping survivors of sexual assault and donate here.

2. I was a special guest (only because the guest we wanted to bring on couldn’t make it!) on a vegan cooking show called Feed Me Vegan (watch here!) and was offered my own TV show!  We start filming mid January.  WOW WHAT A TRIP!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

Leave it to me to do yoga on a cooking show!  HAHAA!

The Majesty of Beasts made #3 in City Pages Minnesota Albums of the Year!!!

After all this madness/goodness,  around the holidays I got to chill with family,  eat pho on xmas day,  watch Beetlejuice and Darjeeling Limited and Uncle Buck,  snowshoe and generally peace out.  I am so grateful for this life.  I will keep doing the best I can,  for you and for me.

Warm regards and so much love,