Hello dear,

What’s UP???!  Hope your spring has been fruitful,  or at least blossoming with much fruit to come.  Cherry blossoms popped in Taos last week and then it snowed real heavy,  blocking the mountain passes,  knocking down tree limbs and making the trail along the rio grande mush mush mush!  But there is springtime deep down in the dirt,  like 8 feet of snow sings:

“heart so deep, so wild and strong
it beats so fast, it carries on
the heat sighs like a tired woman
rises through the cracks
brings whiskey to her lips
and sips and waits for the burn
like we all have to wait our turn
a new reason to move on with the hurt
there’s springtime deep down in the dirt”

Been moving on with the hurt myself,  and part of this process was revisiting old songs.  I spent many weeks during my residency home recording (or casita recording!) piano versions of 2015’s grungy Holy Bones.  Not entirely sure why I felt compelled to do so, but I did and it was relatively therapeutic in all the blood, sweat, tears and few bottles of wine poured into it. If that project interests you,  check it out here.

I blogged a bit about the process of making Holy Bones on Piano too,  if you want more info into the monkey mind.  Also been blogging a little about my adventures in Taos,  inside and out.  I have,  however,  stopped trying to blog like I know what’s going on in the music business.  After almost 20 years,  I still have no fucking idea!  HA!  So,  you’ll get more poems and memoir-ish type blogs out of  me 🙂

Mary Bue Holy Bones Piano Album

I also recorded a bonus piano version of a new song that’s coming out on The Majesty of Beasts in May.  AND AND AND I just got the vinyl for that,  and the CDs just got done,  and just as soon as I get back to Minnesota, I’ll mail out all the Kickstarter rewards and preorders!  If you want in on that,  preorder vinyl here or digitally on bandcamp.  THANK YOU!!!

The rest of this music love letter involves:

Free music for unending bliss
Shows/Events in Taos,  Duluth, Minneapolis & Wisconsin

Feel free to tune out if none of this applies!  Thanks for opening this email and I send you all the good vibes for spring 🙂

With LOVE!

Mary Bue Music - Rilke Quote


Enough trying to get you to buy stuff!  THANK YOU, THOUGH! LOL Also on bandcamp is a free download called “Songs for Savasana and Unending Bliss” with a few yoga friendly tunes. I hope you enjoy and they peace you out.  🙂



My Taos send off!

Wednesday April 5th
Taos Mesa Brewing Taproom (Downtown -not the Mothership!)
201 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM 87571
Music starts at 8 pm, I play at 9
Featured guest of Tom & Marisa
*My last few weeks of being in Taos and only NM show!

I won’t be playing Duluth Homegrown Music Festival this year – but YOU SHOULD FOR SURE GO! Will becoming to Duluth the following weekend though …

The Majesty of Beasts EP Release & Birthday Party – Twin Cities

Friday, May 12th
Icehouse Minneapolis
w/ Gabriel Douglas of 4 on the floor and TBA!
Doors 10:30pm
More info & tickets: www.icehousempls.com
Facebook event here

The Majesty of Beasts EP Release Party – Duluth

Saturday, May 13th
Red Herring Lounge
w/ Paul Fonfara (Painted Saints) & Ingeborg von Agassiz (tentative!)
Music 9 pm
Facebook event here

Mary Bue Music Minneapolis Album Release Party

Pete Fest – 2nd week of June – Details TBA!

In early June, I’m stoked to play at my friend Pete Cich’s bday festival  in Duluth called Pete Fest.  Date & details to be announced, however he is working hard to raise money to cover the costs.  If you ever go catch shows in Duluth,  you’ve probably seen his friendly face (doing the door at Beaner’s most definitely!).  Anyway,  throw the guy some support for his festival, would you?  https://www.gofundme.com/3jy76aw

Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference – June 9-11

I don’t have any performances booked this year at the conference,  but there will probably be a pop up show by the lake!
I’ve been talking up the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference 2017 June 9-11th for 6 years now and I’m gonna do it again – come and join us, ladies!!! For the fourth year I’ll be co-facilitating the Teen Spiral Camp (entrust your teenage girls with me and the wonderful Rebekah Dawn) and also this year leading gentle morning yoga in the Red Tent. In the Teen Spiral camp we’ll be focusing on dreams – making dream journals, dreamy pressed flower tattoos, henna … we’ll do plant drawing and possibly make herbal lip balms … Previous key note speakers for the conference have included Winona LaDukeRosemary Gladstar … this year it’s Tammi Sweet and Ubaka Hill. You could take a Doula Immersion with Whapio Diane Bartlett, learn the endocrine system in and out with Jody Noe, take plant walks w/ medicinal herbs and wild edibles, relax by the gorgeous Pickerel Lake, learn about fermentation and permaculture and SO. MUCH. MORE. Camp or cabins available, organic local food with vegan & gluten free options … YESSSSSSS DO IT! Register here: http://www.midwestwomensherbal.com/

Mary Bue Music - Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

XOXO, meb