For whatever reason, deep in the muck of my monkey mind, during my time in Taos I’ve decided to re-work the songs on Holy Bones and make piano versions out of them.  WHY?

Holy Bones (see below,  in yellow) was a huge genre shift from piano-based singer songwriter to more grungy indie rock roaaaaarrrr which I’ve been loving. Solitude had made me nostalgic, however and I’ve been alone with this sweet grand piano and re-visiting these songs has been like therapy. Which means NOT EASY (therapy never is!) but worth a deeper look.  Most of the songs on HB were written on guitar,  so to switch over to piano works a different part of this old brain and sometimes it took a glass of wine or two to, uh, face the music.  It’s also been fun and a challenge to do some home (or,  casita!) recording.  I find that I’m super wary of it,  but when i get to it,  it’s a blast layering all the vocals and tweaking and adding effects.  I do LOVE going into the studio and being pampered,  but super fun to dink around here. 

I am proud that I shifted genres and a lot of critics said it was “courageous” and possibly even “fool-hardy” of me.  I may have alienated some fans who appreciate the quieter side or just prefer piano over loud guitars.  Who does it serve to stay the same,  though?  Think of the evolution of artists (by no means comparing) – Bob Dylan going electric,  Joni Mitchell delving into jazz, Father John Misty just making up a name for himself rather than his true name (Josh Tilmann)– beautiful and progressive work happens when we evolve and change.  So,  this album is a bit of a homage to my roots.

Coming up in May, however, is the EP release of “The Majesty of Beasts” which is gonna be loud ??❤️there is room for all of it, yeah? And ps I haven’t just been mucking through the past … a lot of new songs have been made here too. SO fucking grateful for this time! Hugs, M

Preorder below if you like – out on 3/28 🙂

And set your ears on the first versions here …

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