Greetings friends!  I hope this finds you well,  late January,  morning, afternoon, evening.  I’m not sure how much I’ll blog but I’m off of my personal facebook so I need some sort of outlet!

I arrived on Tuesday evening to my casita at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation where I will be an artist in residence for 3 months.  Just a little over a week ago I had a wonderful send off party at Icehouse Minneapolis (lots of buzz about it – SO grateful for the press! Read the previews & show reviews & interviews here) and then I hustled in a procrastinatory way to get everything in check in Minneapolis,  secure the yoga studio with its amazing instructors, pack up my house and hit the road …

From my instagram: “This lady bird has flown … en route to New Mexico, jeep filled to the brim with instruments & journals & watercolors for more cow portraits ?I couldn’t have asked for a better last week in Minnesota. Lots of talks and some face time with besties, a kick ass invite to Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ someone handsome, hanging with the folks & watching The Last Waltz w/ my dad, a wonderful week of classes at Imbue and feeling overwhelmed with the goodness of the space and the humans that practice and teach there – will be in good hands while I’m gone ❤️I’ll be saying buh-bye to my personal Facebook til the spring tomorrow when I get to Taos to simplify … Peace and thanks for the well wishes and thanks also for all the marching and praying and community building that is pro-human & pro-WOMAN – I am inspired amidst all the fuckery – keep the dreams alive, keep talking, keep organizing. Water is life, pussy grabs back, love trumps hate. Muuuuuaaaaahhhh!!”

I’ve seen some beautiful things on the road … and not so beautiful.  Some Colorado ghost towns,  totally crumbling – haunting – I almost pulled over and gawked …  the horrible passage of “livestock” on the highways (I always hated that word) to their deaths before becoming your burgers … but also antelope in the fields and many birds of prey perched to find their suppers …

I rolled in just as the sun was setting.  Through the mountains,  through Eagle’s Nest and Angel Fire,  through blowing snow where I could not see the road,  and the wind ripping quietly through the winding canyon road.  My casita is adorable.

“Dear friends, I’ve arrived at my casita in Taos, New Mexico where I get to be freeeeeee as a bird for the next three months as Artist in Residence! Feeling fancy 🙂 Kept my windows down as I drove so I could listen to the mountains and the snow, saw bison, antelope and many birds of prey … I drove fast when I could and slow when I couldn’t … I am so grateful to one of my best friends Sara Alexander (Softich) for paving the way and doing this artist residency 7 years ago, planting the seed. Love you, Sara! Grateful to a lot of you out there too for your kind words and support of my music. The world needs our artists now and I am not taking this time here lightly!!!! I’m heading off of my personal Facebook NOW so stay in touch via instagram (maybe?), website (probably will do some blogging) or you can massively support my endeavors by subscribing to my bandcamp page for some exclusive acoustic songs (acoustic & piano versions of holy bones coming up!) as well as my entire digital catalog & ramblings here ❤️️Thank you and much love and peace to you all.

I’ve barely left the casita,  but when I did on the first night to grab a bite to eat and a glass of wine at Taos Inn’s Adobe Bar,  I pretty much met half the town.  It’s a small town,  around 6000 (20,000 surrounding) so they know when someone new arrives … I will have to protect my solitude immensely as I know if I’m out too much,  the socializing could swirl me up and away from my focus!  My focus:  writing music.  Just letting it shape itself,  my goals are forming,  also top secret!   I’ve also been practicing scales on the piano and doing some sustain pedal heavy improvising … such a nice thing to do pre-dawn … I’ve delved back into The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (a 12 week course in artistic recovery – breaking through creative blocks) – the last time I did this course was in 2002 – and I’m tickled to find out that she first started her “morning pages” while living in Taos!  Serendipity.

Thanks for reading,  peace out!