Uke Fest, Subscribe to MEEEEE, Replacements Tribute, Supporting NPR Tiny Desk Winner Gaelynn Lea: October Newsletter

Hey there music lover!

And how blissful it is to love music!  I’ve been digging in deep,  running with it,  crying with it,  feeling elated by it.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been so excited by listening to music.  Weird,  huh?  I feel like all my senses are hyper lately and the world is fresh and new,  my ears are PERKED.  I hope yours too!

Lots of stuff going on, as usual.  I went to some conferences,   am launching a subscription fanclub thing so you can get hot-of-the-press exclusive song demos and things,  and have some really rad solo shows coming up to round out this CRAZY ASS YEAR.  Read on if you wanna!  xoxoxox

Conferences …

I had the great pleasure of going to two conferences the last two weekends.  One was in Chicago with the delightful Katy Vernon who road-tripped with me.  It was the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference.  Some of you have met me through CD Baby where I’ve been distributing music since about 2001.  Attended workshops w/ Jack Conte (Pomplamouse,  Patreon),  Ari Herstand (Ari’s Take – great music blog),  Shannon Curtis (house concert goddess),  Gaelynn Lea and NPR’s Bob Boilen,  and so much more.  Next year it will be in Nashville!  YEE HAW!  Katy and I had a HOOT of a time and solidified our friendship in ways both deep and lighthearted.  Love you, lady!  Be sure to come to Uke Fest this Friday and see her great labor of ukelele love in St. Paul at Vieux Carre.  I’ll be throwing down a few uke songs myself!

Gaelynn Lea,  Tiny Desk Concert Winner + NPR’s Bob Boilen  (I am stoked to support Gaelynn on 11/14 at Amsterdam Bar + Hall in St. Paul 🙂

Me + Katy Vernon at Sheboygan, WI North High School performing for their Connect 4 Success after school program

Also had the honor to perform and teach yoga at the Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference’s “Herbal Traditions Retreat with Rosemary Gladstar.”  I got to open for Rosemary!  Rosemary is an herbalist ROCK STAR – she founded Traditional Medicinal Tea company,  helped start United Plant Savers,  started the first herbal school in CA and does tons of activism for protecting native plants.  She is a BLAST and a half.

I am STILL BUZZING. Tons of laughs, learning more of the power & medicine of plants … Did a wild Chakra Breath Meditation w/ Crystal Dawn that blew my heart wide open – even more so – HA! If you can make it to the conference in June, definitely do so. ?

Subscribe to me,  would ya???! Join the exclusive fan-tastic club!

I’ve finally decided to launch a yearly “subscription” to my music via Bandcamp.  Think of it as a music downloading “fan club with exclusive content and subscriber-only magic.”  Since I’ll be heading for 3 months to Taos, New Mexico for an Artist Residency at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in early 2017,  I want to have an interactive way to stay in touch,  outside of silly facebook and all that. (In fact,  I may challenge myself to go off the facebook for a few weeks! OH MY!)

This subscription “fan club” gives you,  for $40/year:
– all of my albums to digitally download from Bandcamp
– an exclusive “subscriber only” immediate download of a live performance with my old band at Red Herring Lounge in Duluth (thanks Zac Bentz for recording the audio)
– subscriber only demos,  of which i will be recording a fair amount in Taos.  Get the raw tracks before I polish them up in the studio for commercial release!
– Videos,  art,  poems,  all sorts of creative explosions
Interested???  I HOPE SO!

Even if you already have all my albums,  you’ll get every new release with this subscription as soon as it is digitally ready,  as well as all these new song demo snippets.  And be privy that “subscriber only content” – little videos and art and musings and poems with me.  You can cancel at any time,  as well,  no obligation to pay year after year if you’re sick of my shit!

Subscribe here!  BANG!


Some super fun shows to tell you about!

If you’re in the Twin Cities here are a few shows to come say howdy:

10/14 – Uke Fest @ Vieux Carré, Saint Paul, MN – 3 songs on the ukekele (solo), 8 pm
Facebook event here

10/29 – Acadia – Minneapolis (solo) w/ The Belle Weather
Facebook event here

11/14 – Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St. Paul: SUPPORTING GAELYNN LEA (NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Winner) – Solo w/ harmonies by Crystal Meisinger + Cello w/ Julia Floberg
Facebook event here

11/25 -Turf Club – St. Paul:  Replacements Tribute – 20 minute set of Replacement Covers

Imbue Yoga Studio Stuff

And many of you know that in June I opened a yoga studio in south Minneapolis (Imbue Yoga 2223 E 35th St Mpls).  All my years as a indie musician and yoga contractor couldn’t have prepared me for THIS brick and mortar small business owner life style!  It is my happy place and I’m so thrilled with the community that is building.  If you know anyone interested in yoga in the Twin Cities,  have them come say hi!  We are doing a fun Halloween Party / vegan potluck w/ live music from Frequency Collisions during our yoga class on Oct. 21st.  Donation class,  proceeds go to the musician and Honor the Earth. Will be FUN! Class at 5:30 (all levels) and potluck at 6:30.  ALSO starting my “Yoga for the Absolute Beginner who wants to know what the fuss is all about” series TOMORROW for 4 weeks,  Thursdays at 7 pm.  If you have been intimidated to try yoga,  I’ll break it down for you!  Can’t wait to meet ya / practice with ya!

Thank you,  always, for your listening ears + support.

It’s been a wild ride.  I am grateful for you!  BIG LOVE,

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