Hello lovely!

I hope the end of March is inspiring some roaring in YOU like the lion it is running out with! It’s been one helluva month and I hope yours was awesome, and a little less crazy than mine!  This was my email newsletter to my subscribers – thought I’d update the rest of you, too 🙂 Please sign up to never miss a beat!

Gonna keep this update quick because I’m typing with one hand!  After playing the super fun & fantastic Dulutsen festival last weekend,  I took advantage of one of the perks – free lift ticket!  I tried snowboarding for the first time,  did an awesome cartwheel,  crashed down on my right shoulder and now it’s in a sling.  Bad rotator cuff sprain and a bit of fractured humerus.  Can’t lift my arm for 6 weeks!  Just in time to record in Nashville (April 3 – 10) and open my yoga studio in Minneapolis (get the keys April 1,  grand opening June 11th thankfully).

Doesn’t life have fabulous timing??? I don’t find it very humerus … get it??? Humerus instead of humorous???? Bwaaaa haa haaa

Anyway,  the Holy Bones band, bless ‘em, gets to do all the heavy lifting – literally and figuratively as we record.  On Monday – TODAY! – we go into Sacred Heart Studio and record on a beloved project called “Duluth Does Dylan.”  We’ve picked “Desolation Row” to cover … it’s a loooooong one with amazing words.  Can’t wait for you to hear our grunged-out version of it!  Check out the project and support their indie-go-go campaign here: www.duluthdoesdylan.com 

April 3 we start driving south to Nashville to record a 4 song EP at Welcome to 1979.  I received a career development grant from Arrowhead Regional Arts Council to record AND press the limited edition vinyl!!!! One side will have the songs and the other side will have an etching of the cover art of a piece called “Antler Woman” by Amy Abts.  The EP is called Majesty of Beasts and will be a true follow up or even sequel to Holy Bones: revealing,  full of social commentary,  a bit of pop punk, an americana number and this time you will get to hear some true rage coming out in a song – it’s time to get more public, up front and personal about an injustice that women know all too well …  I’m nervous and so excited. I hope my orthopedic doc will allow me to play electric guitar.  It’s slim and fits under a sling, right???  Pre-order the album here if you wanna!! 

That’s it for news!  Just one more bit of gratitude to spew:

Had a blast visiting Portland and Seattle this month and did a very intimate house concert at my friends Jess & Wayne’s (thanks so much – love you two!).  Also experienced a huuuuge scare as my music website crashed and I thought it was gone forever.  Massive gratitude to Marc Martin for saving the day and recovering 900 files,  and Paul Connolly for being so patient and helpful as my graphic/website designer.  Oh and Tracy, Jess & Wayne and allllll my facebook friends for commiserating and offering to help – and offering margaritas! I was devastated that 1.5 years of fairly consistent blogging aka online diary was lost.  But it’s back! And I will back it up from now on!!!  Blogs plus a lengthy recap of Holy Bones’ year here:www.marybue.com/blog/


Here are a few midwest shows to highlight (possibly one-handed):

Mary Bue & the Holy Bones Shows

April 8 – Mother Fool’s – Madison w/ Leah Brook (Duo w/ Humanoid) 8 pm

April 9 – Paradigm Coffee – Sheboygan w/ TBA (Duo)

April 21 – College of Saint Scholastica Mitchell Auditorium – Duluth – Earth Day w/ the Boomchucks 6:30 pm (full band)

April 22 – Red Herring Lounge w/Jerome, Micah,  Cyrus Pireh,  Lee Jeffrey, Red Mountain (solo piano show) – Proceeds go to Honor The Earth

May 3 – Grandma’s Sports Garden – Duluth – for Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

The Electric Witch Shows

April 21 Red Herring Lounge as The Electric Witch (my side project)

April 30th Harbor City Roller Dames Bout

May 7th Pizza Luce for Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

Lots of change, good times, hard times and living life to the fullest around here!  I wish the same for you – minus the injury!!

Big Love,   Mary

Watch the crew at Welcome to 1979 Studio in Nashville cut Mary’s single Candy to vinyl on a lathe! Can’t wait to go there and record!!