Super crazy wildly excited to announce that I just signed a lease to OPEN A YOGA STUDIO IN MINNEAPOLIS!!! WOW WOW WOW! It all happened very fast (within two weeks! Kinda like my engagement! HA!) and may seem totally out of the blue BUT I am thrilled beyond belief and feel so peaceful and excited about it! It will be called Imbue Yoga and is in the space that is currently Yoga for Every Body in the Corcoran neighborhood of Minneapolis, near Seward / Powderhorn Park. Grand opening in late May or June after some renovations!


I am SO grateful to my teachers — master teacher Tracy Weber and community in Seattle at Whole Life Yoga Studio and to all the wonderful spaces that have hosted my classes in Duluth. And with that, I am thankful beyond words to my students who have been so open, loving, growing, fun, and wonderful. I WILL MISS YOU! But I will keep teaching once a month at Duluth Fit Lab – so won’t be totally out of your lives! And you gotta come visit the new studio this summer!


And NO, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up music! If anything, moving back to Minneapolis (I lived there 2005 – 2007) will be a fabulous immersion in such a vibrant music scene. PLUS I’m sure I’ll play in Duluth all the time! It will be a slow transition to fully move down to Minneapolis as we (Kyle and I) are so immersed in this city. Will keep our feet firmly planted in both cities til the end of 2016, plus, gotta keep the bands together! RebelsThe Electric Witch & Mary Bue & the Holy Bones of course! Will just be more strategic in my touring, which will probably be good for us 🙂 


The teachers at Yoga for Every Body are still going to teach there – SO GLAD! – and I am also thrilled to offer the space for rent by the hour to other teachers who would like to do workshops or even monthly classes. Will be working on the summer & fall schedules, so plant that in your brains! My other vision for the space is that it will also be a small art gallery. I plan to do art openings, live music yoga classes, yoga vinyl nights, meditation groups, chair yoga, prenatal, yoga for runners, all levels drop ins and on and on. Musicians and artists interested in performing, showing art in the space, please be in touch – marybue @ gmail.com to inquire about booking something!


Lastly, PLEASE stay in touch on my Imbue Yoga page to watch the progress and follow me on Twitter at  www.twitter.com/imbue_yoga.  Official website coming soon at www.ImbueYoga.com! SO EXCITED!!!! XXXXOOOOO

4 thoughts on “I am opening a YOGA STUDIO in MINNEAPOLIS!

  1. Mary! I just saw this via suggestion, I am sooooooo excited:] I live in St. Paul now and would looooove to come to classes at YOUR studio! Wonderful news:]:]

    1. YAY Jamie! I miss your beautiful face! It would be LOVELY to have you / practice yoga with you very very soon in the Twin Cities!! Congrats on the move and I can’t WAIT to see you!!! XOXO

  2. I love the feeling yoga gives me – it’s a beautiful connection of the physical body and spirit. Hope that people use your studio and learn so much from you!

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