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Tis the season for giving and getting and eating and lazing and drinking and merriment and hangovers and carols and holiday cheer.  Let us not forget gratitude!  And moments of quiet! And appreciation for the people around us,  our health,  the food before us.

For this blog I wanted to veer off the music topic a little bit and give some appreciation to a few of the seriously talented artists,  writers,  massage therapists,  herbalists & creative folks in my world.   They make INCREDIBLE things and offer luxurious experiences.  I know we are bombarded with ads and things to buy and here is yet another one coming from little ol’ me,  but take a gander and some of this seriously cool stuff as you carry on with your holiday shopping.  PLUS you don’t have to leave your house AND you’re supporting indie,  non-corporate entities.  ROCK ON!

Who are some of your favorite indie artisans?  What local,  handmade gifts do you love to give during the holidays? Please enlighten us in the comments below!


Mulberry Mudd: "Queen of the Bees"

Mulberry Mudd: “Queen of the Bees”

Rebekah Dawn / Mulberry Mudd

Rebekah infused my life with beauty … we met at the Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference 2012 where we were both presenters – I performed & gave a yoga workshop,  she presented a workshop on herbalism and sold her art at the marketplace.  She traded me a few amazing artworks for my catalog of albums. She gave me the most beautiful mermaid doll – similar to “Queen of the Bees” show above – lovingly hand-crafted,  a silk mermaid tail and even seashells in her soft hair.  She says “A percentage of my profits go to Tree Sisters each month and the rest builds our own Botanical Sanctuary here at Labyrinth Gardens.”  Rebekah and I will be co-leading the teen camp at the Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference again this summer – first weekend of June.  More on that in a minute 😉 Check out Rebekah here:


Natalie Salminen: “I Will Give You a New Heart”

Natalie Salminen Fine Art

Natalie Salminen-Rude is a multi-media visionista!  Deeply rooted in nature, faith and family,  her work has a nostalgic,  healing quality to me.  I met Natalie in the early 2000’s and eventually spent a lot of time with her in the florida everglades where I had an artist residency.  On her Etsy shop,  she offers gorgeous, limited edition prints.  She also offers encaustic workshops from time to time. More about Natalie here:

Adam Swanson: "One Day We Will Travel In Time"

Adam Swanson: “One Day We Will Travel In Time”

Adam Swanson 

I bask in my Adam Swanson artworks daily.  I have two pieces,  both INSANELY special – one titled “East to the Sea” (which he painted WHILE listening to my album of that name – here!!!!), the other titled “Unexamined Failures” which he traded w/ me in exchange for performing at one of his art openings. Serendipitously last week,  I had a gig and there was Adam, painting the windows for the holidays.  He stayed and painted awhile while I played.  I felt like Cloud Cult (check them out – amazing MN band that has live painters during their shows).  Adam’s work features animals (penguins,  goats,  whales,  owls, foxes!),  the juxtaposition of manmade & earth elements like wind power,  boats,  electrical towers.  He will also take commissions and make a portrait of your BICYCLE!  Check him out here:


Marcella Kroll

Marcella is a professional artist,  medium and High Priestess of the Metaphysical Arts.  We met in 2005 when I had just moved to Providence, RI and got a job at AS220 as a barista and she was a live-in, working artist there (AS220 is “an artist-run organization committed to providing an unjuried and uncensored forum for the arts”).  She was one of my first friends in RI.  She moved to NYC shortly after,  and then I moved back to the midwest,  and then she moved to LA and I moved to Seattle.  She’s still in LA,  I’m back in the midwest,  but whenever I go to LA, it’s tops for me to hang out with Marcella and get an intuitive reading (which she can do via Skype, Facetime  or phone).  I highly recommend you get a reading from her if you have any big questions in your life that you want deeper insight.  I recorded my last reading with her and have returned to it many times for a refresher – her words hit home! As a meditative practice,  I often hang out with Marcella’s beautiful Sacred Symbols Oracle Cards after my morning yoga practice to use during meditation (shown in the video above).  Check out more about Marcella here:


Harvesting the very strange geoduck on Lopez Island, WA (before I was vegan LOL!) on the Moonwise Herbs Seaweed Trip

Harvesting the very strange geoduck on Lopez Island, WA (before I was vegan LOL!) on the Moonwise Herbs Seaweed Trip

Moonwise Herbs Seaweed Trip – June 26th – July 1st 2015

I have nothing but amazing things to say about this trip which I attended in 2010.  We foraged for salmonberries,  meditated with thistles and dandelion,  cooked amazing chowder and pickled the seaweed we kayaked into the puget sound and hand-harvested.  I will quote the website for info: “Seaweed, Shellfish and Land Plants: Nourishment and Medicine from the Land and Sea. When? June 26-July 1, 2015: Harvest Seaweed and Herbs in The Pacific Northwest on Lopez Island in the Beautiful San Juan Islands, Washington State … Medicine from the Land and Sea Herbal Wisdom, Wild Edibles, Whole and Local Foods, Community, Transformation and Much More!!! For centuries, Puget Sound cultures have enjoyed a rich and varied diet of wild edibles and medicinals in the San Juan Islands. Cultures around the world relied on seaweed and wild edibles to nourish them and provide medicine for the people. We can still access these ancient foods and medicine plants.”  Register here:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.02.44 PM

Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference – June 5th – 7th 2015

“Join us for a gathering of the feminine, a wide spectrum of Midwest Herbalists and earth-based speakers, plant walks, topics including herbs for family health, wild edibles, fermentation, permaculture, movement, herbal wisdom the Wise Woman way and much more!” I’m quite invested in the conference because I have presented, performed and been a teen camp counselor for it … but beyond that it is SUCH an amazing learning & community opportunity.  I have walked away from this feeling inspired,  healthier and beaming with new knowledge about plants and the human spirit.  Join us!  Registration begins in December. Check it out here:

Massage special w/ Ronnie Mae Eastling in Duluth, MN! Give her a call.

Massage special w/ Ronnie Mae Eastling in Duluth, MN! Give her a call.

Ronnie Mae Eastling,  Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (Duluth, MN)

Ronnie has 10+ years of experience in such exotic locales as Portland, OR to the US Virgin Islands. We are so lucky to have her in our snowy city! I’ve had a number of massages from Ms. Eastling. She provided TOP NOTCH relaxation massages for my fiance and me in our hotel the day before our wedding … more recently, in her new, soothing, rejuvenating space in Duluth (kitty corner from Chester Creek Cafe) I had a post-half marathon deep tissue which worked out the last of the soreness from my muscles. You will NOT be disappointed!  Sweet holiday deal too.  Treat yourself! 


Tracy Weber's Downward Dog Mystery series

Tracy Weber’s Downward Dog Mystery series

Downward Dog Mysteries: “Yoga, dogs, and murder…what could be more fun?”

My master yoga instructor Tracy Weber of Whole Life Yoga Studio in Seattle, WA has found a new passion –  writing yoga murder mysteries!  Her first novel “Murder Strikes Pose” was a hoot and her 2nd “A Killer Retreat” is just about to hit the shelves. She has been on numerous book tours and has already found much praise for her work.  I wouldn’t expect anything less as I spent 3+ years studying yoga under her!  Purchase her books here: OR if you’re in the Seattle area check out her yoga studio here:

Natalia KW's delicious raw cupcake recipe book

Natalia KW’s delicious raw cupcake recipe book

Natalia Sweet & Sacred Cupcake Heaven Raw Recipe Book

I met Natalia in that same magical time in Rhode Island where I met Marcella, also employed at AS220.  Her raw recipe books are MIND BLOWING.  Beautiful,  crystal clear instructions and a delicious life-filled & energy giving cupcake to boot.  I love the lavender vanilla cupcake recipe … macadamia cream frosting … coconut cake … mmmmmmm … More about Natalia here:


Punk Rawk Labs DELICIOUS nut milk cheeses

My pal Alissa B/Punk Rawk Labs founder started her business via Kickstarter (check out her Kickstarter campaign here) and raised $11,000 to answer the demand for her gourmet nut milk cheeses at grocery stores and coops nationally and start a commercial kitchen.  Her Smoked Cashew is my personal fave – rolled in cracked pepper – unbelievable.  You can order her cheeses right to your doorstep for your holiday parties or gift baskets here: PRL also graciously used my song “The City Trees” on their TV channel – an episode on square foot gardening (which most of us won’t get to do for about 6-8 months from now)!  LOVE YOU PUNK RAWK LABS!!!!! Check them out here:


And finally,  some shameless self promotion!

Music is all I’m up to these days – a yoga class here and there but shows and selling my merchandise pay the bills.  If you want to give the gift of music,  or a t shirt, or a coffee mug,  I can fulfill your orders ASAP and it will all get to you ASAP if you order by Dec 11th … or December 14th at the latest … Merch and albums can be ordered here directly through me: 

I thank you!


Boat With No Oars Mug!

 Thanks for checking out my indie gift list!  I hope you found a thing or two that you like – or a new artist / visionary to inspire your life.  May your holidays be full of good cheer!  Big love! – Mary

Who are some of your favorite indie artisans?  What local,  handmade gifts do you love to give during the holidays? Please enlighten us in the comments below!

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