I kinda like singing in weddings.   It’s always an honor to be asked.  Usually there is champagne.  People are dressed really nice.  If the song is during the ceremony,  the guest and the couple tend to listen (more than at a bar gig, that’s for sure – ha)!  I’ve been singing at weddings since I was in my late teens / early twenties.   Unfortunately, the marriage success rate isn’t 100% so I can’t say that I’m a lucky charm,  but MOST of the couples have remained together!  I think I’ve sang in about 25 weddings thus far.

 Having just got married last year,  the music before,  during and after our ceremony was crucial.  Toby Thomas Churchill sang “Still Come Find You” perfectly – I teared up.  Ida Jo and Scott Lamps performed beautiful instrumentals.  At the reception we had the “Friends Band” – a cover band formed by a slew of our most talented friends performing cover songs we chose – AMAZING – and the icing on the cake was the Black Eyed Snakes (one of Al Sparhawk from Low’s projects).

This summer I was hired to sing at 5 weddings: Congratulations to Carrie and Alicia at the beautiful Terra Nue Farm,  James and Natalie at Lutsen Resort (my wedding stomping grounds!),  coming up to Micki & Bjorn,  Shelby and Lucas,  and Scott and Heather!  I love you all!  Scott and Heather play drums and bass in one of my favorite local rock bands (duh!) The American Rebels and were badass members our my wedding reception’s “Friends Band.”  ON August 16th,  I get to return the favor and perform in their wedding reception’s “Friends Band” – an intense cover band meeting of the minds – I had to learn beach boys,  the cure, the shins,  the who,  paul mccartney,  inxs,  elliot smith … essentially,  it’s gonna rule – AND they are opening their reception up to the public – be there! 10 pm,  the Rex in Fitgers (Duluth),  Aug 16th.  Also performing: DJ path annu,  Cars and Trucks & the Straddle Blasters.  

If you’re getting hitched and are considering live music,  please send me an email (marybue @ gmail.com) so that we can discuss rates  and I will send you my wedding brochure.  I’d be happy to learn your love song & maybe even teach you and/or your wedding party some yoga as a ceremony pre-funk. Thanks for reading!  XOXO