I am SO HAPPY to unveil my new website! Massive gratitude to the artistry and patience of Paul Connolly and his mad skills. I look forward to taking the reigns and keeping you all up to date with fresh photos and blog posts every few weeks to make this an evolving web page. Humans get new cells every day – why not keep web content fresh??!

Cleansed & inspired after a wildly brief road trip to Austin (a 19 hour trip all the way down interstate 35 from Duluth to Texas), performing during the South By South West Music Festival at an unofficial showcase with GoGirlsMusic.com was a spirit-bolstering experience. In the midst of the corporate chaos (a GIANT DORITOS VENDING MACHINE STAGE???), the GoGirls showcase was happily indie and full of super supportive chicks and true music fans. It is always refreshing to travel cross country and find pockets of community like this. Happy to be back home to the creature comforts of a juicer and my favorite snowy running paths.

In other news… I have made it to the TOP TEN in a contest to RECORD A LIVE ALBUM straight to VINYL in NASHVILLE!!!!! If you are on Facebook, I would be SO GRATEFUL for your votes to make it to the top 5. This is a very unique and exciting opportunity. You can vote EVERY DAY until the end of March. The studio is called Welcome to 1979.

Welcome To 1979 is a retro, all analog recording studio that strives to cater to the independent & budget minded artists, producers and engineers. Featuring fully restored analog tape machines, console, outboard equipment and microphones we ensure that “vintage” doesn’t mean “old and broken.”

PLEASE VOTE as every day you think of it. I will hopefully make you proud!

Pictured here is the vinyl cutting lathe at Welcome to 1979. I worked with engineer Chris Mara in 2006 and recorded 42 songs in two days at his home studio. I am drooling at the chance to record at this fancy place!!!!! We visited the studio last may to take a gander at all the fun stuff. Lava lamps! Organs! Grand piano!

Another fun contest entry – I entered my song "Gorgeous" from 2007’s Boat with no Oars into a songwriting contest in Modesto, CA and I made it to the top 5! If you live in the bay area, check out The Modesto Unplugged Music Festival the first weekend of April. They will be showing a video of me performing the song as I won’t be there, PLUS a boatload of super awesome talent who WILL BE THERE all weekend singing their hearts out. Facebook page here – give it a "Like".

What else????

PRINCETON, MN! My hometown! SO, I’m playing at the CIVIC BETTERMENT CLUB’S 100th Centennial President’s TEA! March 29th at Trinity Crossings. Tea starts at 2 pm, I play at 3 pm. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW at the Art Coop or Princeton Book and Bible downtown. Tickets on sale til 3/22. WOULD SO LOVE TO SEE MY HOMIES!!!!! Special thanks to Kyle for suggesting me as entertainment (hope you are loving the deep blue tropical seas, my friend!).


I’m performing at a house concert in one of my best friend’s living rooms on Friday April 4th. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email and I will give you details!

Seattle – coming back to love you some more! Show at Conor Byrne on April 10th at 9 pm. I’m also going to spend some time with the yoga community that I "grew up" in. I was featured in Whole Life Yoga’s blog last week with my latest 30-something crisis. 😉 Read all about it here.

That’s a lot of "I" "Me" "My".

I appreciate your support through and through. Please come and say hi sometime!

Lots of love! Best wishes! HAPPY SPRING!