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In 2014 I won one full day of recording at Welcome to 1979 Studio in Nashville, TN during their “Battle of the Bands” contest.  In April of 2016,  the band traveled to Nashville to record what was planned to be a 4 song EP to cash in on our recording prize.  Artwork (pictured here is an approximation) by Amy Abts on the jacket.  Pre-order your copy here! Estimated arrival is MAY 2017.   It’s such an emotional push,  this album,  more than ANY OTHER because not only of the song content but also that the band that recorded this project isn’t together anymore.  I believe in the songs and have already invested $$$, time, and big energy into it. I’d consider it a sequel to Holy Bones.  It’s full of crunchy, fuzzy guitars,  big lyrics,  hammond organ, even a harmonium cameo and is a true TIME CAPSULE.Thank you for your support and cannot wait for you to hear these songs!

  1. The Shit I Left In Duluth
  2. Minnesota Goodbye
  3. Petty Misdemeanor
  4. Majesty of Beasts



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