Combining Passions: Touring and Teaching Yoga

In 2008 I moved away from the musical momentum that I was working hard to build in Minneapolis.  I had an incredible booking agent who had discussed becoming my manager,  was getting some nice press from my 4th album Boat With No Oars and was starting to have a blast on my solo tours and meet amazing friends on the road.  Waiting tables on the flip side was paying the bills and my gym membership at a neighborhood fitness center in NE Minneapolis was keeping my head out of the dirty snowy MN winter gutter. Read more →

Creativity, Vulnerability & Risk

“There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity … and what is art if it’s not love?” – Brené Brown

In the midst of putting a new album into the world,  I am faced with some trepidation.  I’ve heard Tori Amos in an interview describe her songs as babies … on that thought,  when you send your children out to live their lives outside of you,  mothering instinct must kick in – fear for their safety,  how will they get along in the world,  who will love them?  I can only imagine … comparing songs to babies might be a long shot,   but to create something bearing soul, sweat, love, tears and fling it into the universe is quite a courageous act.

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Advice for Recording Studio Virgins

I was recently asked by a musical peer for some advice regarding recording in the studio for the first time.  It can be daunting to go into a recording studio,  even after going in a few times.  The pressure!  Expectations! Not everyone is going the studio route these days since it’s fairly easy to record right at home on your computer,  or even your smartphone.  I miss the days of recording on cassette players myself,  but tapes ARE making a come back 😉  I prefer to go into a studio for most of my recordings because I like to leave it to the techie pros to work their magic,  and be less inhibited in my performance without worry that it wasn’t captured.  Here are some of my answers to my friend’s questions and I hope that they help you if you’re considering embarking into a studio!  Do you, dear reader, have any recording advice for first-timers that I’m missing?  Please comment below and enlighten us!

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Before photo of my Twitter Profile prior to Week 1 of Madalyn Sklar's #TwitterSmarter course

Learning how to #TwitterSmarter – and act as a live action case study!

I’m a fairly new twitter devotee.  I joined in 2012 and have enjoyed sending “text messages to the world” and feeling the buzz from the “happy buttons” (as my husband – twitter handle @KyleRadAlan calls them) when someone follows or re-tweets me.  Oh – and please follow me on twitter if you are on it … Happy Buttons! Happy Buttons!
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I wanna sing at your house! House concert info

House concerts are age old.  People plucking strings on their porches,  rocking their dorm rooms,  having holiday parties that morph into caroling fests.  I could ramble on and on with examples,  but I will spare you. For folk singers near and far, house concerts are fantastic venues to share songs with people who might possibly really care about music, who wouldn’t normally be at a bar or a coffee shop catching a show,  who trust the host’s taste and know it will lead to good, indie discoveries.

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