Majesty of Beasts Poem


Hi loves!

Happy Cyber Monday! I’d like to share with you the poem that became the lyrics to the title track of my new musical project “The Majesty of Beasts.” This song is about the beauty of the earth and its beings. It’s about humans wanting pretty things on their walls and in their bellies so much that we are devastating our beautiful home. It’s about violence. It’s about love. It’s about evolving beyond greed and recognizing the majesty of the earth so much that we can just let it be majestic … (There is also a reference to The Walking Dead, which I am obsessed with – but I’m behind in the series cuz I only have watched it on Netflix. It’s killing me!!)

If you are so inclined, please pre-order this project on Kickstarter! If it doesn’t get funded by Dec 11th at 10 am, your card won’t be charged. I am SO grateful for your support, friends! This song is kind of the anti-thesis of our consumer culture … and yet here I am imploring you to buy it. Ah life!  We are getting SO close to funding this thing! It means the world to me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Big love, Mary

Pre-order here:

(If you’d like to hear the song, it plays in the background of the video on my Kickstarter page)

Album artwork by Amy Abts, Design by Adam Guggemos


i recognize the majesty of beasts
thundering hooves
milky eyes
the power of a horse’s thighs
the beating of wings in the sky
the flipping of fins under the ice
lungs taking in oxygen down in the deeps of the night

i recognize the majesty of trees
towering pines
cover the sky
on branches where the monarchs lie
your birch bark canoe gonna take us to
that island where the palm trees sway
it’s a fantasy
it’s lost at sea
as the amazon dies for your beef

i recognize the majesty of you and me
fingers grip the trigger
eyes stare down the shaft
another life gone too fast
it’s your only one
staring into a gun
you won’t come back turned like on tv
it’s a tragedy
a comedy
humans making fools
what else could it be

i recognize the majesty of beasts
ivory tusks
abalone shells
the pretty things we want on our walls
a peacock’s plumes
a shark’s sharp tooth
a rabbit’s fur to keep us warm
lie with me dear
in front of the fire
don’t tell me now that it’s too late

i recognize the majesty of beasts
thundering hooves
milky eyes
the power of a horse’s thighs
the beating of wings in the sky
the flipping of fins under the ice
lungs taking in oxygen down in the deeps of the night


12/3 Red Herring Lounge for Zöe’s bday – Duluth – 9 pm w/ Social Disaster, Torment & Walt Dizzo (my band plays 1st) – Facebook event here

12/20 331 Club – Minneapolis 9:30 pm w/ Ilika Ward Duo Facebook event here

1/14 Icehouse Minneapolis 10:30 pm w/ Molly Maher & TBA
*Artist Residency Send Off*

Photo by David Tanner at the Replacements Tribute Show – Clown Lounge – 11.25.16 w/ Robert Russel on sax,  Adam Werven on drums & Sean Roderick on bass

Going for vinyl!

Hi friend in music + living la vida loca,

How are ya?  Holy bones,  it’s the end of October.  I don’t have a ton to blab at you today,  just a cordial invite to a few shows in Duluth + Twin Cities and to let you know that I have changed my mind AGAIN and I am GOING TO RELEASE “MAJESTY OF BEASTS” 4 song limited edition vinyl album in MAY 2017.

Paying the big bucks to get “Majesty” pressed – it is in the mastering,  lacquer cutting & plating process TODAY,  and s 300 copies (and only 300 as this is limited edition! WOOT!) should be in my hands by the end of the year.  I bawled over this decision today,  not gonna lie.  It’s such an emotional push,  this album,  more than ANY OTHER because not only of the song content but also that the band that recorded this project isn’t together anymore.  Not asking for a pity party,  just speaking my truth.  I believe in the songs and have already invested $$$, time, and big energy into it. I’d consider it a sequel to Holy Bones.  It’s full of crunchy, fuzzy guitars,  big lyrics,  hammond organ, even a harmonium cameo and is a true TIME CAPSULE.  Those of you who have been up with my previous emails know that I’ve had a bunch of thoughts about this (release a full length?  Not release it at all?).  Pardon the wishy washy-ness,  but I’m going forth and making this thing come true. 🙂 Also,  Amy Abts’cover art is too beautiful to hoard.

Release Party will be in early May 2017 (alas.  I wanted to put this thing out before I go on my Artist Residency in Taos, NM late January so that I could create with a CLEAN SLATE and not be bogged down by an unfinished project.  It feels heavy to me to keep it hanging. HOWEVER DUE TO HIGH VINYL DEMAND the albums couldn’t be duplicated until later since I had been procrastinating for so long!)

Pre-order your copy here (includes digital download) via KICKSTARTER! Click on the video below.



Estimated arrival: MAY 2017



11/14 – Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St. Paul: SUPPORTING GAELYNN LEA (NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Winner) – Solo w/ harmonies by Crystal Meisinger + Cello w/ Julia Floberg
Facebook event here

11/25 -Turf Club – St. Paul:  Replacements Tribute – 20 minute set of Replacement Covers:  Tickets here

12/3 – Red Herring Lounge – Duluth – 9 pm FULL BAND – for Zöe LaTour’s Bday!

12/10 Riverview Wine Bar – Minneapolis 7 pm – 3747 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis – Solo Songwriter Showcase

12/20 – 331 Club – Minneapolis FULL BAND (hopefully) 10 pm

With big love,  massive gratitude and all the mixed up messy good stuff in between,
xoxo Mary

Veal: behind the song

Join us for the music video release party for “Veal” on December 13th 2015 at The Red Herring Lounge in Duluth, MN.  5 pm!  Screening of the video plus live music by Toby Thomas Churchill,  Katy Vernon,  Mary Bue + the Holy Bones.  $5.  10% of proceeds go to the Humane Society. Optional vegan potluck starts at 5 – bring a dish if you want + tons of vegan cookies for all.  Video produced by Jon Hain w/ assistant Angelica Engel.  Video will be live on the web shortly after!

It feels trite to say that I’ve always loved animals.

Trite because it’s such an understatement. But the truth IS I love animals!  I grew up with dogs,  fish,  rabbits and cats.  In the country,  surrounded by deer, squirrels,  chipmunks,  birds and all sorts of varmints.  I got to see exotic animals in zoos and books and fell in love with pandas and koala bears,  dolphins and orcas.  I had a dream in junior high and high school of becoming a veterinarian and helping sick,  injured animals or a marine biologist and learning about ocean life.  I took horse riding lessons and studied dog and cat breeds.  I drew their pictures and wore t-shirts and puffy sweaters with animals all over them.
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Indie Gift Guide 2015 by Mary Bue

Fa la la la la!

May this festive,  xmas-light-strewn time of year bring you peace rather than stress,  comfort rather than agitation and love rather than seasonal affective disorder! HA!

I am here to help!  I LOVE this time of year because I get to share a sampling of some of the cool,  crafty,  artsy,  handmade,  muse-inspired THINGS that people that I know are making!  As our to-do lists fill up and our pockets empty out,  we probably have a few people on our gift lists that we just don’t know WHAT to get.  I’ve compiled a list of local & indie gifts that I love – most of which you can order online and have shipped to your house or directly to your loved ones,  saving time & hopefully stress.  These are all thoughtfully researched by yours truly.

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Tuning into your sixth sense with the Ajna Chakra

Your hair is standing on end. You KNEW you shouldn’t have but you did anyway.  You had this feeling in your gut that something was just a little off but you brushed it aside and went ahead.  Your dream last night told you to change your mind but it was just a dream … Something was fishy.  Your head hurt,  your legs were twitchy,  you got chills,  you got butterflies (not the fun kind).  And then,  even though you thought through it and used all of your logic and blasted forth with your plan,  it ALL fell apart.  Maybe you lost some money.  Maybe all of your techie gadgets crashed.  Or worse,  maybe someone betrayed you or an accident befell you.  But you KNEW if you had only listened to that tiny voice or feeling in the background that ALL of this could have been avoided …

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The Root Chakra: how it relates to you & your music

In my other life, I am a yoga instructor.  It balances out the late nights,  the wild times,  the unpredictability of the music business. Plus, it helps to keep me sane.

In my class on Tuesday night (I teach a handful of community therapists at their workplace),  a dear student asked if I would be interested in incorporating chakra teachings into my classes.  I jumped at it and wove it into my class design for the night.  I love requests and I love challenges – and this one seemed very pertinent.  In the next series of blog posts, I’m gonna delve into some simple things you can do at home with your  breath, body and music and how they relate to our chakra system.

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Combining Passions: Touring and Teaching Yoga

In 2008 I moved away from the musical momentum that I was working hard to build in Minneapolis.  I had an incredible booking agent who had discussed becoming my manager,  was getting some nice press from my 4th album Boat With No Oars and was starting to have a blast on my solo tours and meet amazing friends on the road.  Waiting tables on the flip side was paying the bills and my gym membership at a neighborhood fitness center in NE Minneapolis was keeping my head out of the dirty snowy MN winter gutter. Read more →