Please welcome my official music video for “Cheribum” – a look behind the scenes

My brand sparkly new music video was officially released last week via the fabulous Minnesota-based radio station 89.3 The Current’s Local Current Blog.  Cheribum is the 2nd song on my new album Holy Bones which was released just two little months ago, early March 2015.  I wanna share the video with you here in this blog as well as talk a little bit about the process of making it.

The Current blogger Andrea Swensson says:

Duluth singer-songwriter Mary Bue takes a somewhat unsettling concept from the tarot deck—the child angels, a.k.a. “cherubs,” who keep a record of your love life history—and turns it into a rom-com in her new video for “Cheribum.” 

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What it feels like to go on TV

In 40 minutes,  me and my fancy new band will go on TV.

Actually,  the segment was filmed in December and it airs tonight,  Feb. 19th at 9 pm on a very fabulous PBS show called The Playlist,  all about the arts in Northern Minnesota.  Host Karen Sunderman made everyone feel at home,  and the crew was SUPER DUPER including pro sound by Jake Larson.  The band is Kyle MacLean,  Scott Millis & Heather Millis.  They rock my socks off.  After today,  it will be shown again on WDSE / PBS North on 2/20 at 8 pm and 2/22 at 3:30 pm.

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Kickstarter Campaign For My 6th Album “Holy Bones” Has Launched!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that “Holy Bones,” my sixth studio album,  is almost finished!


It has taken wild dreams of cleaving grand pianos in half with table saws,  pushing my keyboard in its wheeled case down the hill into the lake,  guitar lessons and a rotating cast of talented and vibrant band members … but FINALLY,  by the end of this year,  my 9 song electric guitar-based album “Holy Bones” will be recorded!  Cannot wait to share it with you,  my friends! 

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Mary Bue’s Indie Gift Guide

Tis the season for giving and getting and eating and lazing and drinking and merriment and hangovers and carols and holiday cheer.  Let us not forget gratitude!  And moments of quiet! And appreciation for the people around us,  our health,  the food before us.

For this blog I wanted to veer off the music topic a little bit and give some appreciation to a few of the seriously talented artists,  writers,  massage therapists,  herbalists & creative folks in my world.   Read more →