New blog: Update from week 1 of Madalyn Sklar's #TwitterSmarter Course

Becoming a better Twitterer: Update from week 1 of #TwitterSmarter course

Last week I enrolled in Madalyn Sklar‘s “TwitterSmarter” online course on how to become a Twitter ROCKSTAR!  She has unveiled tips and tricks that she has gathered from countless blogs + articles by marketing & industry professionals and packed it into four powerful videos complete with her friendly personality,  great how-to visuals and case studies from previous students. Check it out here:
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Before photo of my Twitter Profile prior to Week 1 of Madalyn Sklar's #TwitterSmarter course

Learning how to #TwitterSmarter – and act as a live action case study!

I’m a fairly new twitter devotee.  I joined in 2012 and have enjoyed sending “text messages to the world” and feeling the buzz from the “happy buttons” (as my husband – twitter handle @KyleRadAlan calls them) when someone follows or re-tweets me.  Oh – and please follow me on twitter if you are on it … Happy Buttons! Happy Buttons!
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I wanna sing at your house! House concert info

House concerts are age old.  People plucking strings on their porches,  rocking their dorm rooms,  having holiday parties that morph into caroling fests.  I could ramble on and on with examples,  but I will spare you. For folk singers near and far, house concerts are fantastic venues to share songs with people who might possibly really care about music, who wouldn’t normally be at a bar or a coffee shop catching a show,  who trust the host’s taste and know it will lead to good, indie discoveries.

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Working it in the studio - sleep deprived & inspired

Recording update + staying healthy in the studio

This past weekend marked the start of the recording process for my 5th album.  I’ve returned to Sacred Heart Studio for the 4th time for its gorgeous acoustics,  sacred setting and the chance to work with the revered sound engineer Eric Swanson.  Sacred Heart’s website says: “A number of local, regional, and nationally acclaimed performers such as Low, Charlie Parr, Trampled By Turtles, Retribution Gospel Choir, Dark Dark Dark, Mary Bue, Sara Thomsen, Coyote, Cars and Trucks and the Crash Test Dummies have discovered the Sacred Heart Recording Studio is an ideal setting to capture their unique sound.” – I’m so happy to be on this list!  I plan to have the album mastered by Tom Herbers,  another “Knob God.”
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One of my favorite group runs: Homegrown Music Festival's Rock 'n Run organized by Al Sparhawk from Low

Touring and running: Staying healthy on the road

While my touring has ebbed and flowed,  I CAN say that I’ve done it (!) and done solo stretches of up to 30 days.  I’m in the beginning stages of planning the largest tour of my so-called life in March and April.  Part of it,  selfishly,  will be to escape winter in Duluth, Minnesota.  But truly,  I will be touring behind a new record and returning to some well-loved cities and venues.

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Thoughts on success, failure & non-attachment


I woke up Monday morning after the “super moon” the previous night and couldn’t stop thinking about the roller-coaster that is attachment:  Expectation,  getting hopes up,  elation,  disappointment,  and over and over again.  This is the human condition and a huge cause for suffering.  How do we figure out how to gracefully ride the turbulent emotions?  Do we remain forever pessimistic,  making a practice of NOT getting our hopes up and thus never get disappointed?

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