In 40 minutes,  me and my fancy new band will go on TV.

Actually,  the segment was filmed in December and it airs tonight,  Feb. 19th at 9 pm on a very fabulous PBS show called The Playlist,  all about the arts in Northern Minnesota.  Host Karen Sunderman made everyone feel at home,  and the crew was SUPER DUPER including pro sound by Jake Larson.  The band is Kyle MacLean,  Scott Millis & Heather Millis.  They rock my socks off.  After today,  it will be shown again on WDSE / PBS North on 2/20 at 8 pm and 2/22 at 3:30 pm.

Here is the teaser.

Here is a SNEAK PEAK of a song!  Oh MY!

And here are words describing how I feel about all of this:

elated | excited | nervous | right on | terrified | humble | freaked out | wonderful | does my ass look big? | how about blemishes? | am I guitar hack? | NO – COURAGEOUS | honored | supported | invincible | egotistical | big nothing | a little something | butterflies | radical | don’t take it too serious | following the bliss | enjoying the ride | grateful grateful grateful | wistful | clammy | glam | wanna run | wanna hide under the blanket | wanna drink buckets of wine | wanna have a big TV watching party | wanna cry | wanna puke | deep breaths | and back to stasis

Does that about sum it up???

I will post the entire show here in a bit – but give The Playlist a follow on YouTube and check out their awesome website here:


Here is a clip from three years ago when I was invited on the show … This is with my old friend the PIANO

Thanks for watching.  The boob tube is my friend … the boob tube is my friend …

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