The Arrowhead Story is a collective of earth lovers based in Duluth, MN who are choosing music as a medium for change.  Their Facebook page describes it further: “Last year, a group of musicians came together in Duluth to record a compilation album titled ‘Industry. Peace. Environment.’ to raise awareness about sulfide mining and the permanent changes that upcoming decisions will have on the landscape they love. This year, the movement gains ground by drawing together even more artists and activists to collaborate on an unprecedented series of events that will serve as a forum for a chorus of voices on this issue being raised and heard.”

Our next event will be at the Red Star Lounge in Duluth on August 7th 2014 at 10 pm featuring yours truly,  Humanoid and Lake Monster.  More info on our Facebook event.


Some of the artists past and present include Craig Minowa from Cloud Cult,  Actual Wolf,  Charlie Parr w/ Murder of Crows,  Red Mountain,  Brothers Burn Mountain,  Gabriel Douglas from 4ontheFloor, Ariane NorrgardHumanoid (my musical partner in crime) and many more.

I was invited to share a song on this year’s compilation,  released this month,  July 2014.  The song I chose is not new – it’s from my 2003 album “East to the Sea”  but it felt like a good fit for this collection.  Sometimes my songs have prophetic qualities and I’m not certain what it is that I’m writing about until years later.  This song seemed initially to be about quieting the mind and getting behind the thoughts into a more peaceful space.  But spoken through the voice of a fish in our watershed,  as anthropomorphic as that may be, one can hear the struggle for clean water in her voice.  She says “To me there is no in-between” as we humans waffle in our decision making,  often leaving the earth unprotected and directly in harm’s way.  And yet,  she tries to find resolve amidst the slow heating of the waters (“simmer down”) and calm amidst suffocation (“grinding down to nothing,  rising up to everything”) as truly,  the fish will suffocate if the sulfide mines come to pass.   

Let us not suffocate the fishies with our greed and our complacency.  Here are a few links to stay informed about the situation with our gorgeous, pristine Minnesota waters:

Friend of the Boundary Waters: http://www.friends-bwca.org/issues/sulfide-mining/

Precious Waters: http://www.preciouswaters.org/resources/polymet-mining-activity-minnesota/

Arrowhead Story Blog: http://thearrowheadstory.wordpress.com/