Raw Lavender Cupcake from Natalia KW's "Cupcake Heaven"

Raw Lavender Cupcake
from Natalia KW’s “Cupcake Heaven”

The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival is upon us like a beacon,  like an anvil,  like an empty bottle. The description from the website duluthhomegrown.org says it’s “Duluth’s annual showcase of rawk and/or roll devil music.”  180 venues,  150 bands, 8 days.

Not only are there 180 acts to see,  but I’m also on the Steering Committee (3 years!),  sit on the Board of Directors,  help to coordinate Monday’s Poetry Showcase,  perform on Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Red Mug (duo w/ Kyle and then w/ Ryan Van Slooten) and … what else am I missing??? Have I already lost it?  

Similar to New Year’s resolutions,  I always resolve to “pace myself,”  “take it easy” and any other manner of what some would consider “lameness.”  I am here to tell you that no matter my intentions,  I will be sleep deprived,  over-stimulated,  over-caffeinated, and potentially hungover.  

BUT I have a plan and that plan is to PLAN AHEAD like a good girl scout.

The Saturday prior: SHOP.  COOK.  STOCK.  FREEZE.  PREP.  I’m talking soup,  stew,  salad,  produce washed and ready to be juiced.  I will make vegan burritos,  chili,  and raw lavender vanilla cupcakes from Natalia KW’s “Heavenly Cupcakes”  cookbook. I will purchase some herbal tinctures – “Immune Defense” if a cold is brewing and straight up dandelion root for everyday magic. Miso paste is awesome to have on hand for soup.  And seaweed snacks.

At the bar or venue: DRINK WATER.  Between drinks.  Try not to swig off the same Jameson bottle as yr friends.  Dammit.  Already did that.  DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

After bar: SLEEP.  Earplugs.  Dark curtains.  White noise/fan.  Multiple sleeping areas for when the normal spot just won’t cut it. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow in your car so that you can stay with a friend and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Mornings:  If possible, I like to prepare herbal infusions to drink first thing- many thanks to Moonwise Herbs.  Dandelion root is great for liver health + diuretic & blood cleaner.  Nettles are all around wonders for energy.  Rosehips keep the vitamin C up.  Recipes here: http://www.moonwiseherbs.com/nourishing-herbal-infusions/  Of course,  contrary to my herbal teachers,  I will still be keeping the coffee stocked …

PARTY ON!  www.duluthhomegrown.org